Please Don't Say You Love Me

Sophie is your average 18 year old teenage girl. Nothing more, nothing less. She has had relationships and heartbreaks before. She is currently studying in college and has a stable job at her local Starbucks cafe. She moved to London from Kent with her best friend, Ellie, to attend college together. Sophie has always been quite shy and a self kept person. What happens when someone, a boy, comes into her life? What happens when that boy is Harry Styles? Will Sophie turn him away or will Harry win her over?


1. No big deal.

Sophie's P.O.V


"It's in the second drawer. Open your eyes, woman!"

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks."

"No problem. And, turn down the damn music."

"No. You'll learn to love it."

That would be Ellie. 18, Blonde hair, green eyes. Stunning. Something you need to know about Ellie is that she is completely One Direction OBSESSED. Hence, the music that she's blaring. I don't get the big deal, they're just five guys. Yeah, they're good looking but lots of guys are. I'm just not really a fan. She dragged me along to a concert before. I'll admit they were good but I wouldn't be crazy about going back again.



Ellie is my best friend. Well, she's more like a sister to me. We grew up together, doing everything we could with each other. We're originally from Kent, England but we decided to move here to London last July to study in college together. I'm studying Journalism and English. I want to be a writer. Ellie is studying Drama and Performance, which is why she tends to be a tad bit over the top sometimes. We both have jobs to help pay the rent for our apartment. Ellie works at Forever 21 and I work at Starbucks. Classy, I know.

We knew that moving to London would be difficult but it's a lot tougher than we thought. From working, to paying bills, to handing in assignments and having classes, it's certainly hard to have a great social life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who go to school, go to work and then stay home. I do go out and have fun. Just, not as much as I'd like to. 

Ellie is a member of our local theater group. They practice quite a lot so she's not always home. Other than writing, I love to dance. It is a passion of mine, I just don't see myself having a career in it. Sometimes I go to the local dance studio for a few hours and I just dance there for a while.

"Sophie, I'm going to work and then to the theater. I'll be home at about 8p.m. Have fun at work!" Ellie laughed as she made her way out of the apartment.

I laughed sarcastically. "As I always do."

"Bye." She waved, shutting the door.

I turned to look at the clock. 12:04p.m. That gives me just a little under an hour to get ready and get to work. I got up and made my way to my room. I wore black skinny jeans, grey vans, a black t-shirt and a grey NERD jumper. I slightly curled my straight brown hair like I do almost everyday. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and applied a light bit of make up before leaving the apartment and heading for work.

Work was like any other day. It was busy enough, especially since it's Saturday. The smell of cocoa and coffee lingering through the shop all day. I looked up to the large, round clock on the wall. 2:25p.m. Only 5 minutes left to lunch.

An old lady with a walking stick began making her way towards the counter. "Hello." She smiled.

"Hello." I smiled back. "What can I get you?"

Her eyes scanned the menu for a moment before she spoke. "I'll just have a tea, please. Small."

"No problem." I grabbed a cup from under the counter. "Can I get your name?"

"May." She replied.

I wrote her name on the cup and began making the tea. When I finished, I walked back over to her, placing the cup of tea on the counter in front of  her.

"How much is that, dear?" She asked as she struggled to find and open her purse.

I smiled. "Nothing. It's on me."  

She shook her head. "No, no I'll pay."

"I insist, here." I waited until she put her purse away before I handed her the tea.

"That was very kind of you." She smiled.

I returned the smile. "My pleasure. Have a nice day."

"You too, dear. Goodbye."

As she walked away, a young boy, around my age made his was toward the counter. "That was quite something." He smirked.

I half laughed. "Can I get you something?" I asked.

"Mango and Passion Fruit Ice Blend, please?" He asked.

I took out a cup from underneath the counter. "Can I get your name?"

He let out a chuckle. I raised my eyebrows. "You were serious?" He asked.

This time I laughed. "Of course I was serious, It's my job."

"Oh, uh, I'm Harry." I wrote his name down on the cup before leaving the counter to make his drink. As I was blending the drink I saw a little girl, maybe 8 or 9, walk up to the boy and hold out a piece of paper and a marker. He took the marker off her and scribbled something on the paper. She started skipping away before returning with her mother who had a camera. I finished making the drink and walked back over to the counter, placing the drink there and waiting for the boy, Harry, to get it. The little girl stood next to Harry as her mother snapped a picture of the two of them. Harry then gave the little girl a hug and she left.

As she was leaving I caught sight of the paper she had got Harry to scribble on. It was a picture. I recognized the picture from Ellie shoving endless posters and pictures of them in my face. It was One Direction. Then it hit me; That boy is curly Harry from One Direction. I know most girls my age now would be screaming if Harry Styles was standing in front of them but, to be honest, it really didn't bother me. The only thing bothering me right now was that he was holding me up from my lunch break.

"I'm sorry. Thank you." He smiled, taking the cup. "How much?" He asked taking his wallet from his pocket.

"£2.75" I replied.

He handed me a £5 note. "That's for the other ladies tea aswell."

I laughed as I gave him back the change for just his drink. "That's okay. I'll get it."

"No, seriously it's okay. I got it." He tried handing me back the money but I didn't take it. To be honest, I was beginning to get a bit offended.

"You may be famous or whatever but I do have enough money to pay for a tea." 

He laughed. "I didn't mean it like th-"

I cut him off. "It's okay. Look, I just want to go on my lunch break. I'm already late so just forget about it." There was annoyance in my voice however, I didn't mean it. I just hate when celebrities think that just because they're rich and famous that they are above or can do more than others.

"I'm sorry." He apologized again. "Since you're on lunch break, let me make it up to you. Let me buy you a coffee and we can sit."

"No thank you." I smiled. 

He smirked. "Oh, come on."

"I have plans." I lied. I just did not want to do anything with him.

"Maybe sometime?" He asked, taking a sip of his drink.

"Maybe." I replied before walking away and handing my apron to James who took over while I went for my break. 




The rest of the day at work went pretty quick. Since I only had 15 minutes of break left thanks to Harry, I just sat and read while drinking a tea. After that I was back on the counter until 5. It went by pretty quick since it was quite busy. We had the odd ignorant or arrogant customer but I just shook them off. When I got home Ellie was still at the theater so I sat and watched some TV.

I woke up on the couch to the sound of the apartment door opening. Ellie walked through with what looked like a huge pile of papers in her hands. "Hey." I smiled. "What's that?" I asked, gesturing towards the papers.

A huge smile appeared on her face. "It's a script. We're doing Grease in theater group. And..." She paused turning the script to face me. "I GOT THE PART OF SANDY!" She screamed. 

I laughed at her excitement. "Well done. When is it on?" I asked.

"May 10th." She replied, still smiling.

"2 months away? That's pretty close."

She began walking to the kitchen and placed her bag and the script onto the counter. "I know right. But, I'm so excited." She peeped her head into the living room to where I was. "You are coming aren't you?" 

I laughed. "I wouldn't miss it."

"Great. Movie?" She asked.

My eyes scanned the large, wooden DVD case holder that stood beside our TV. "Bridesmaids?" I smiled.

"Bridesmaids." She confirmed. We both sat on the couch watching the movie. About a half an hour into the film, Ellie's phone rang:

*Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me.*

Her ringtone reminded me of what happened today at work. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it. "Hello?" She answered. I paused the TV. "Yeah, 4 is fine." She laughed. "Okay, bye." She turned to me.

"Sorry about that. It was the theater. Just about going in tomorrow. Anyways, back to the movie."

I didn't answer, I just unpaused the TV and we went back to watching the movie.

In the end, I decided not to tell Ellie about what happened at work today because she would just freak out. After all, it was no big deal, right?




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