Life is a rollercoaster

She'd been a fan of his forever, being with him was something she dreamed about (frequently), but when their paths cross, neither of them are prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.


3. Chapter Three

I took a deep breath, picked up the phone on my desk and dialled Sophie at home.

Ring Ring, Ring Ring


"Hey soph, it’s only me. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be late back tonight"

"Ok hun. No worries" She must have picked up on the excitement in my voice. "Are you going tonight then?"

"I most certainly am"

"Did Dan manage to get those tickets then?" she asked.

"Nope. It’s so much better than that"

"You're not gonna believe this…"

"What?" she sounded confused, as well she might.

"It was Ronan"


"I met him outside work earlier. Bloody Brian told him I was a fan. I wasSO embarrassed"

"Oh my god Vic!"

"I know, he’s even more amazing up close"

"I’ll bet"

"Well I’d better get back to work I guess"

"Don’t wait up hey"

"Ok hun no worries, see you later"

"Yeah bye love"

I put the phone back in the reciever and picked up my mobile. I thought for a moment before composing a text.

Hey hun, Ronan got me a ticket for 2nite!!! V xcited. LOL Cu l8r xxx

Beep beep, beep beep.

He replied almost instantly. Obviously wasn’t busy. Slacker!

Hey Vic, that’s awesome. Cu sn xx

See you soon? He normally at least said see you later or I love you? Oh well. Maybe he was busy after all.

At quarter past five I was about to pack up my stuff and go and find something to eat, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t anything to wear. I couldn't very well turn up in my work clothes could I?

I retrieved my mobile from the depths of my bag and quickly dialled my friend Zola’s number.

Ring ring, ring ring


"Zo, it’s me"

"Hey Vic, how are you?"

"Fine thanks, I have a slight emergency though" I quickly explained my dilemma to her.

"I’ve got just the thing" she said, "I can be with you in about fifteen?"

"You’re a star!" I said, "see you soon"

I met Zola in the reception area of the arena twenty minutes later, checking there was no one else about, she pulled a dress from the carrier bag she had. I'd never seen it before, but it was stunning.

"Wow, that is an amazing dress"

"Yeah it’s a bit small for me now though" she smiled, embarrassed.

We had been the same size for as long as I could remember, recently Zola had begun to put on a bit of weight, but I thought she looked great, it really suited her.

"Let’s go try it on" I said, feeling slightly nervous, what if it didn't fit. I'd be screwed.

"I bought shoes too" she said, holding up a pair of very high sparkly sandals that I was probably going to break my neck in.

"Oh sh*te" I laughed, "I'd not even thought of that"

We went up to the executive 2nd floor bathroom so that there was room to try stuff on properly.I tried the dress on over my trousers.It fit perfectly, clung in all the right places, I had to admit it looked pretty good, so I took my trouser off underneath.


"Do you not think it’s a bit short?" I pulled a face at Zola.

"No such thing" she laughed, "especially not with legs like yours" "and especially if you want to impress a certain Mr. Keating" she added cheekily. I threw my hairbrush at her, she ducked laughing as it hit the wall beind her.

"You want to get some food?" I asked. "Yeah sure"

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