Life is a rollercoaster

She'd been a fan of his forever, being with him was something she dreamed about (frequently), but when their paths cross, neither of them are prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.


10. Chapter Ten

I started at the beginning, the night, six months ago - Dan had been to a wedding, a friend of his, somebody that I didn’t know. I’d been out myself with friends but I had come home early. I’d been staying at his house as Sophie had been away and I wasn’t feeling so well. I’d gone to bed instead of waiting up, he’d come home and dragged me out of bed by my hair, demanding to know where the hell I'd been and what I’d been doing.

To this day I couldn’t say what had made him do it, I really didn’t know. I blamed it on the alcohol at the time, I’d never seen him so drunk and he’d not really hurt me so I thought I could forgive and forget.

Hindsight was a wonderful thing.

Sophie was almost crying by the time I’d finished and I was in floods of tears.

"Oh Vic, why didn’t you tell me?" she sighed. "I couldn’t" I said. "I thought the first time was a one off, he was hideously drunk, I didn’t think I’d ever see him in such a state again" Sophie shifted up closer to me and put her arms round me. "Do you want me to call your mum?" she asked.

I hesitated. "I thought about calling her yesterday" I admitted "but I didn’t want to worry her, thought I’d call when I get back home".

My parents had emigrated to Australia just after I’d finished university, not going with them had been the hardest decision I’d ever had to make, but I felt like I needed to stay and forge a career in the country where I’d obtained my degree. My friends had all thought I was nuts. Apart from Sophie, she’d just been dumped by her boyfriend who she’d not long bought a house with when my parents made their decision, so she was only too happy to have me live with her and pay rent. I saw my parents every year anyway, and we spoke weekly so it was never as bad as I’d first feared.

"Yeah maybe you’re right" Sophie smiled at me. My mother was a notorious worrier, if she had any inkling of what had happened she would have been on the first plane she could find.

"How long you gotta be in here for anyway?" she asked.

"Another couple of days" I grumbled, "they want to keep an eye on me"

"I'm gonna be on bloody crutches for about 8 weeks too" I pulled a face, "no more high heels for me.."

Sophie laughed at his, I was known for my love of high heels, I was very petite and a lot of my friends were quite a lot taller than me - well that was my excuse anyway!

"Vic?" asked Sophie, seriously.


"Do you want me to speak to Dan for you, tell him you might not come back to work?"

I could see what she was thinking, but it wouldn't work. "We can’t do that, he’d find out, I’ll have to go back to work eventually" I said. "I’ll have to be brave, tell him it’s over, he’ll have to come to the house, when other people are there" I said.

"Oh I’ll get Dave to come over" Sophie said referring to her giant of a brother, "he’ll sort him out!"

"Seriously soph, we will need to finish..." I said.

"I know hun, look I’m sure he won’t lay a finger on you if we’re there"

"Well I’ll have my crutches to batter him with" I laughed, but I didn’t really feel much like laughing. I felt scared and alone. Especially now that Ronan had gone.

"Er Vic?"


"What are you gonna tell Zola?"


"About why you’ve had her dress and shoes for a week?"

I smiled, we had a rule that all clothes and shoes must be returned between friends within two days of borrowing in case the other had a hot date or something. I laughed, "she said I could keep them?"


"Wow that dress is something else" I smiled. "That’s what Ronan said"

"Dan said I looked like a cheap hooker"

Sophie held me closer to her. "Vic you’re beautiful, you could never look like a cheap hooker, you’re too posh anyway" she exclaimed.

"Ha ha very funny" all my friends took the *** out of me for being posh, when I wasn’t really just well spoken…most of the time.

"You know something?" I shook my head at her.

"I think Mr. Keating fancies you"

"Don’t be daft!"

"I wouldn’t be surprised to see him here again y’know"

"He did say he’d come back, but I don’t think so….why would he want to come and see little old me?" I said.

"Trust me he fancies you" she said.

"Do you know something I don’t?" I asked. She just grinned at me infuriatingly. "Well we did do a lot of talking the other night" she said eventually.

"Tell me?"

"No!" she laughed, "there's nothing to tell.. I just think he likes you, that’s all"

"Humph" I grunted at her and lay back against my pillows, I hadn’t realised I’d been sat up for so long, I was beginning to get back ache.

"Vic, look, I’d better go you look knackered"

"I’m fine soph" I protested, but I knew she was right.

"I’ll be back in the morning" she promised.

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