Life is a rollercoaster

She'd been a fan of his forever, being with him was something she dreamed about (frequently), but when their paths cross, neither of them are prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.


9. Chapter Nine

Before I'd gone to sleep, with my instructions Ronan had called Sophie and explained to her that I was in hospital having some tests done, he hadn’t told her about Dan, rightly he’d said that she needed to hear it from me.

She’d made her way over immediately hadn’t been let in, by which time I had fallen into a fitful sleep, so unknown to me she’d sat talking to Ronan all night. I saw them both in the morning as I was being wheeled to theatre.

When I came back around some hours later, Sophie had gone. She’d had to go in case Dan rang. Apparently she was going to tell him I had gone to visit my parents, she and Ronan had everything worked out..

"Hello invalid" I awoke from the anaesthetic to find Ronan smiling at me.

"Hi…" I managed, my mouth was so dry. At that moment, the doctor appeared to check over me, he bought me some water. I sipped it slowly as he held the glass to my lips. He looked at me seriously. "I'm glad that you’re awake, we’ll need to keep you in for a couple of days, you’ve lost an awful lot of blood, the fracture was a little worse than we first anticipated" he paused, "you’d begun to bleed internally, it was touch and go in theatre - the bleeding was a lot worse than we first thought"

I looked at him aghast. I swallowed, "But…" "I only fell against a wall" I could feel Ronan staring at me "was pushed" I muttered under my breath.

The doctor perched himself on the edge of the bed "somebody did this to you?"

I nodded, the doctor looked concerned but I knew he couldn't‘t get involved. Perhaps that was a good thing...

"Well whatever happened, it was a serious impact on your fragile body" I nodded slowly, tears in my eyes.

"I think she just wants to forget about it now" Ronan said gently.

"Very well" "Now be careful, and I’ll come back and check on you later".

"Be careful?" I giggled as he walked away "what’s he think I’m gonna do?"


"It’s good to see you smiling again"

Ronan stood up from where he'd been sat and made his way over to the side of the bed, he took my hands in his, " Listen Vic. I’ve got to go back on the road tomorrow, but if you want me to stay until you’re better I will".

"Ro, I can’t ask you to do that, I barely know you" I whispered.

"I know but I want to help you".

"Think of all those fans you’ll disappoint, they won’t be interested in you looking after some girl in hospital, believe me" I said.

"But you're not just some girl" he said. "Ah Vic, I guess you’re right, but I hate to leave you like this"

"Sophie will take care of me, and Dan's history now, or at least he will be"

He looked at me. "We’ll be careful I promise"

"I’ll come and visit you on my next day off" he said.


"Yes really, we have to finish our night out together, but not so dramatically hey?" he laughed.

I laughed "Ouch! My stitches…"

Ronan stayed for the remainder of the day even though he should have been packing. He called Sophie when he left so she came and took his place so I wasn't alone. As he left, he kissed me on the cheek and said "I’ll see you soon".

Sophie sat on the edge of my bed and grinned at me. "I can’t believe I was sat here half the night with Ronan Keating!"

"Now are you going to tell me what happened to you?"


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