Life is a rollercoaster

She'd been a fan of his forever, being with him was something she dreamed about (frequently), but when their paths cross, neither of them are prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.


4. Chapter Four

Zola and I went to Nando's for food in the nearby St. David's shopping centre. I left her at the back entrance and I got back to the arena and found my seat (front row, no less!) just as the lights went out. I was kind of glad I’d missed the support act, I wasn't even sure who they were. Now I could just concentrate on Ronan.

He appeared with an amazing energy and the crowd went wild as he launched into ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’

"Sing with me Cardiff!"

I need you-ooh

He seemed to be looking right at me as he scanned the front row and started waving at people. I think it was just wishful thinking on my behalf. It was all over too quickly and he was already into the next song.

Couldn’t feel much better than the way I feel tonight...

I couldn't of agreed more.

It was about half way through the set, when he stopped and chatted to us for a while, before introducing my favourite song.

"I’d like to dedicate this song to a very special young lady that I met here today, this is I Love It When We Do"

I cursed her, whoever she was. Lucky b***h!

When you’re around, the sun is always shining

And since we met I haven’t once stopped smiling

He seemed to be staring right at me now, but I told myself I was imagining it.

The love I feel for you is almost blinding. Yeah.

Running up and down the street.

Hugging everyone I meet.

Now you love me life is sweet...

"So. Do you know Ronan then?" screeched the girl next to me suddenly.

"Er, not really" I answered loudly. Had she noticed it too?

"Oh. He must be singing to me then!" she answered ecstatically.

I turned my gaze back to the stage. He caught my eye and winked.

He really was looking at me! So the girl next to me was right, I hadn't imagined it, and he really did seem to be giving me a private show.

He was probably just trying to be nice. I could only cringe to think what Brian might have told him about me.

He caught my eye again, winked at me again and waved. The girl to my right, and I both waved back. My stomach was in knots now, god knows how I was going to be able to hold it together to meet him back stage. As soon as the show finished I wasted no time and made my way immediately backstage, I flashed my pass at Gray who just laughed at me.

What was it with everyone round here today? Jeez...

I was just making my way toward the green room where I’d been told that Ronan was meeting everyone when I felt a strong hand on my shoulder.

"Vicky?" His voice was instantly recognisable, it turned my insides to jelly. I swallowed and turned around, afraid that if I looked at him, he'd know instantly how he made me feel.

"I’m so glad you came"

I allowed myself to look into his amazingly blue eyes (it was a good thing I was wearing heels) and my breath caught in my throat.

"You look, sensational"

It was a compliment that I could easily have returned. I could feel his eyes wandering over my body.I returned the favour, it was only polite. He caught me looking and winked at me slowly. I blushed, how embarrassing.

"That dress is something else"

Oh god!

"Yeah it’s a bit short isn’t it?" I confided.

"Nope" he grinned then whispered in my ear "it looks gorgeous. Much like yourself". His warm breath so close to me was sending shivers down my spine, making me look at him in a different way and making me want to do things that just weren’t possible.

Well perhaps in my dreams, but…

"Hey look. I know we've only just met. I haven't stopped thinking about you all afternoon" he grinned at me. "Would you like to go out for a drink with me tomorrow night?"

"I would love to" I somehow managed to get my words out.

Ronan Keating had been thinking about me all afternoon!

"Listen I’ve got to go now, here’s my number, give me a call tomorrow" he said pressing a small piece of paper into my hand, which he held for a moment, then turned as if to walk away. "I don't normally do that" he whispered, "but I trust you"

I clutched the paper tightly afraid to lose it. He leant closer to me and whispered in my ear this time, "would you do me a favour?"

I nodded. "Would you wear that dress tomorrow?" he winked at me and walked away, leaving me staring after him, open mouthed.

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