Life is a rollercoaster

She'd been a fan of his forever, being with him was something she dreamed about (frequently), but when their paths cross, neither of them are prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.


11. Chapter Eleven

As it happened I was up half the night being sick from the anaesthetic, but eventually drifted into a troubled sleep.

"Hey sleepy head"

"Hey soph" I said groggily the next morning as she wandered in to the room.

"Wow they’re gorgeous" I said catching sight of the bouquet of roses she was carrying.

"They’re not from…?"

"Don’t be stupid" she snapped at me before I had chance to finish the sentence.

"They’d have gone straight in the bin!" She handed me the bouquet. "Read the card" she grinned at me.

Dear Vic (hope it’s still ok to call you that)

I smiled at this.

Hope you’re feeling a little better. Thought I’d send you a little something to cheer you up. I am currently freezing in Glasgow! Hope to see you soon.

Love Ronan xx

Sophie grinned madly, "See it says, hope to see you soon, what did I tell you??"

"Soph! Everyone says that" I laughed.

"I don’t think so" she winked at me.

The following day she came in with a postcard, "Edinburgh?" I said as she handed it to me, "I don’t know anyone that’s gone to Edinburgh?"

"Oh I think you do!" she said with an infuriating grin which if I was the violent sort would have made me want to slap her. I turned the postcard over and read the by now familiar writing.

Hey Vic,

Hope you are nearly ready to leave hospital, Soph tells me you’re going crazy in there L You poor thing.

Cheer up hun, it won’t be long until you’re home :)

Perhaps I could come and see you on my next day off?

If you’d like me to of course? Well I got to go now and do a sound check for tonight. I’ll speak to you soon.

Love Ronan xxx

I raised my eyebrows at Sophie, "You’ve been speaking to him?"

"Er, yeah" she looked at me sheepishly. "I gave him our home number, ‘cause he said he’d call you to cheer you up when he came out. He rang the other night thinking you’d be out already..."

"And you gave him our address" I said referring to the postcard, and the flowers from her previous visits.

"Yeah….he said he wanted to keep in touch"

"Did he now?" I said.

I had a feeling that Sophie had been the instigator in all of this.

I finally left the hospital on the Saturday after I’d been there for one week and one day and I can’t tell you how happy I was when the time came. It was diffucult for me to get used to the crutches, I was clumsy at first and kept knocking into things, plus I was never the best patient, I was too independent and Sophie despaired of me ‘cause I wouldn’t let her do anything for me.

Monday morning came round really quickly and Sophie went to off work, fussing as she did. "Now are you sure you’ll be alright?" she said.

"I’ll be fine..."

"Now sod off to work and stop fussing!" I said.

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