In my cousin's shadow

Michelle aka. Micky Phillips has been living in her cousin Phillip's shadow since the day they found out he could sing, but Micky could sing too. Now with the help of her friends Zoey, Jack, Payton and Kate Micky is ready to show the world she is just as good as her cousin. What happens when her band Fifth Way starts opening for One Direction. Will the band make their big break or will they disappear leaving Micky in her brother's shadow.


1. Meet the characters

Name: Micky Phillips
Main Character. Cousin  of Phillip Phillips. Has a crush on Jack.
Honey blond hair  hazel eyes.
Lead singer and guitarist for Fifth Way.

Name: Payton Blues
One of the members of FifthWay. Good friend of Micky.
Light Brown hair. Blue eyes
Singer and Guitarist for Fifth Way

Name- Zoey Blues
Best friend of Micky. Member of Fifth Way.
Light brown hair. Blue eyes.
Bass player for Fifth Way.

Name- Jack Ryan
Best friend of Payton Blues. Has a crush on Micky. Member of Fifth Way.
Blond hair. Green eyes
Drummer for Fifth Way.

Name- Kate Gold
Joined the band after she moved to Georgia. Has a crush on Payton.
Brown hair. Brown eyes.
Keyboardist for Fifth Way  


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