In my cousin's shadow

Michelle aka. Micky Phillips has been living in her cousin Phillip's shadow since the day they found out he could sing, but Micky could sing too. Now with the help of her friends Zoey, Jack, Payton and Kate Micky is ready to show the world she is just as good as her cousin. What happens when her band Fifth Way starts opening for One Direction. Will the band make their big break or will they disappear leaving Micky in her brother's shadow.


4. Chapter 3

Micky's POV

I looked out the window as the plane touched down. 

"We'rer here." I yelled waking up the others. Jack who was next to me jumpped. 

"Really Micky." He sighed. "It's like 2 in the morning."

"Not here." I laughed ruffling his hair. "It's 8 here."

"I hate the time zones." Payton said buring his head.

The plane door opened and Paul walked in. "Hey guys."

"Hey Paul." The rest of the band muttered. 

"They're tired and the jetleg doesn't help." I laughed leaping to my feet.

"Jetleg is the worst." An irish voice said. We turned to see a blond boy walk in his blue eyes sparkling.

"Who are you?" I asked. 

"I'm Niall." He said sticking his hand out. 

"I'm Micky." I said accepting his hand. 

"We're part of Fifth Way." Jack said. "I'm Jack."

Niall shot Jack a glance before turning back to me. "Your Philip's cousin right?"

I nod blushing. 

"Niall." A british voice called. "Where are you?"

Four guys rounded the corner hopping into the small plane. The curly haired green eyed one in the lead dollowed by one with a buzz cut, a brown haired blue eyed one wearing a striped shirt and a dark haired boy with bed haird and chocolate eyes.

"That is Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn." Niall said pointing to each boy in turn. 

"Nice to meet you all." I laughed giving each boy a hug. "I'm Micky, Micky Philips." 

"Philip Philips cousin nice." Zayn said. "Who are you guys."

"That's Kate, Zoey, Payton and Jack." I said. 

"So your the band opening for us?" Louis asked.

"Yep." I grinned. 

"Well see you at rehearsal." Niall said giving me a hug before following the rest of the boys out.

Paul lead us to a limo. As we got in Zoey nudged me. "Looks like Niall's got a crush." 

I blushed. "He is cute." I said.

Next to me Jack tensed. I reached down grabbing his hand squezzing it lightly. He shot me a smile. 

I leaned my head back closeing my eyes. My hand still holding Jack's. One box checked more to go.



Sorry it took so long. 

Will update soon

Anyone want to co-author??

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