In my cousin's shadow

Michelle aka. Micky Phillips has been living in her cousin Phillip's shadow since the day they found out he could sing, but Micky could sing too. Now with the help of her friends Zoey, Jack, Payton and Kate Micky is ready to show the world she is just as good as her cousin. What happens when her band Fifth Way starts opening for One Direction. Will the band make their big break or will they disappear leaving Micky in her brother's shadow.


3. Chapter 2

Micky's POV

In the past year a lot had happened.

Own band had slowly gained popularity. Just yesturday our band had gotten 3.5 million followers on twitter. Unfortunately my cousin was gaining more, faster.

"Philip just got 5 million followers." I moaned. 

"It's ok Micky." Jack said flopping down next to me lening his head on my shoulder reading my phone. "We got a meeting with our manager about getting us a gig."

"He said he wants to try us with his other group." Zoey said joining us.

"What group?" Kate asked.

"Who care's it a group." Payton said joining us. 

"Is everyone here?" I laughed sitting up forcing Jack to sit up too.

They nod. "Then i'm going to call Paul to see what he booked us."

"Great." Kate cried grabbing the phone. "I'm so ready to get back to playing."

I dialed Paul's number waiting for him to pick up.

"Hello." A british voice said picking up. "Paul isn't here."

"Where is he?" Jack asked.

"Busy." The guy on the other end said. "Who are you?"

I shoved Jack back. "That was Jack and i'm Micky from Fifth Way."

"Oh Paul's new band."

"Yep." Zoey smiled. "Who are you?"

"Louis." The guy said. "From One Direction."

"Nice." Payton said. "Now can we talk to Paul?"

"Louis." A familiar voice said. "How's on the phone?"

"It's us Paul." We all yell.

"Louis give me the phone."

The phone was passed from one pair of hands to another.

"Hey Micky, Jack, Kate, Payton and Zoey." Paul said.

"Hey." We say.

"Ready to hear what I booked you guys for?" Paul said.

"Yea." I said. 

"For the next world tour you'll be opening for my other band One Direction." Paul smiled.

"A famous band." I smiled.

"We'll do it." Jack cried.

"Ok i'll send a jet to pick you guys up in the morning." Paul said.

"Where are we going?" Kate asked


"See you there." I said hanging up.

I turn to the others. "Pack your bags everyone we're going to London."



Sorry for it took so long to update.

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