In my cousin's shadow

Michelle aka. Micky Phillips has been living in her cousin Phillip's shadow since the day they found out he could sing, but Micky could sing too. Now with the help of her friends Zoey, Jack, Payton and Kate Micky is ready to show the world she is just as good as her cousin. What happens when her band Fifth Way starts opening for One Direction. Will the band make their big break or will they disappear leaving Micky in her brother's shadow.


2. Chapter 1

Micky's POV 

"Can I play the guitar Phillip?" I asked my cousin as he played his guitar. 

"Now Micky." My mom said pullin me back onto her lap. "Just listen to Phillip play isn't he good?"

"But momma." I cried. "I can play too."

"just go play dear." My mom sighed. 

I shot her a look heading outside.

"Hey Micky." Zoey called from across the street. Her brother Payton and his friend Jack stood off to the side throwing a football. I hurry across the street.

"Parents all over Phillip again?"  Zoey asked. 

I nod sitting down next to her watching the boys play. 

"I wish I could show them I was just as good." I sighed. "Just cause he's trying out for American Idol doesn't mean I can't sing."

"You know what?" Payton said jogging over. 


"We should start a band." Payton said.

"Yes." Jack cried. "Micky and I can be guitar and singers. Payton you can be drums."

"I'll be bass." Zoey said. "We need a keyboardist."

"What about a keyboardist?"

We turn to see a girl our age standing on the sidewalk. 

"I'm Kate." She smiled. "I could be your keyboardist." 

I shoot a glance at the others. They nod. 

"That would be great." I smiled. 

From that day our band Fifth Way had been trying to make it in the big league. Now it's our time. 

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