The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


18. Under orders

“Oh dear, Phee. It wasn't meant to turn out like this.” It sounded like something my mother would say, my heart raced as I whipped my head round. ‘It wasn't my mother and it never would be, she’s dead.’ I reminded myself.

“Oh hello Mrs Main.” I said not bothering to mask my disheartenment.

“Not who you expected am I? Oh well.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but why are you here? How did you find me?” I asked.

“How do you think?” She asked me and I knew it was Chase; his name is quite ironic really because everyone else has to chase after him to catch up.

She handed over to me 20 Dilanou, I was right; Chase does do better without me.

“Marry the boy, Phee.”

“No! He doesn't love me so I can’t marry him.” I exclaimed.

“Phee, who ever said that he doesn't love you and when have you ever said that you don’t loved him.” I was speechless because I knew it was true.

“But what if we do get married and he’s not who I’m meant to be with?”

“I highly doubt who the Elite are going to put you with will be the one, Phee. They just cancel you out.” She said matter-of-factly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, my curiosity building.

“Oh honey, how do you not know?” She said, tilting her head sympathetically.

“Know what?” My annoyance of not knowing increasing.

“Everything you do they are cancelling you out. In marriage, in your jobs. They’ll probably put you with someone who can control dreams.”

“ Isn't that a good thing though?” I said, confused.

“It is. If you want to be another person they can cross off their threat list. Dear, the Elite isn't here to preserve our kind, it’s here to make use of our kind.” She was speaking in riddles, one I wasn't in the mood to decipher.

“Whatever, I’m not marrying him!” I proclaimed as I stood and started to walk away.

“Sit back down! I need to tell you a story!”

I groaned but I obeyed.

“Okay. 1 month before I was going to be assigned my life partner I met this wonderful man named Jeremiah Clark, he was lovely and we instantly clicked. In short, he proposed but I said no because I had the same theory as you, that they picked who I’m meant to be with but now I know that’s a lie. They assigned me a nice enough man named Ryan Main. I didn’t love him and I think we both knew it from the off but what were we supposed to do, nothing is the answer. Except I did. I had convinced Jeremy to meet me and I kissed him and we were in love, it was all so quick. I tried not to let on but his wife, a bitter woman named Alice Ribbon, always disliked me for reasons I don't think even she was sure of and since we met up at least 4 days a week, she had all the more reason to. It had been months since I had gotten married when I became pregnant with Jeremiah's child, I convinced Ryan to try for a child to cover up the fact it wasn't his baby. I knew the truth would come out but I just ignored it for as long as I could but the truth gnawed at me every time I looked at Ryan. He seemed so loyal to me and there was me, having an affair with the man that had proposed to me and I had not accepted it. One month into the pregnancy I was out with Jeremiah, we were out sat under our special tree that was right over there."

She said pointing at a stump of a tree, it looked rough and awkward but not only that, it was a maple tree. I recognised it from the book I had read in school, it originated from a country called Canada but now after centuries and decades and the great bomb it ceased to exist... How did that tree get there? The bomb was launched by a scientist who had lost everything during the war of the countries when every country was at war with each other, no alliances, no support just enemies. The bomb destroyed everything in this world, people, nature even the formation of the countries but something went wrong, a new world formed. There was only one large country, mankind developed and mutated to form what we are today and the Elite.

"He leaned over and kissed me when his wife turned up and screamed at me. She reported us for going against the Elite and… we were locked up for what seemed like days on end… forever alone in a dark grey room. However, 5 days later we were let out and I received no sentence. I was delighted! I thought it couldn't be better at that moment but then…” She paused momentarily, her eyes welled up and she tried to swallow the lump that appeared in her throat.

“They decided to hang Jeremiah and they made me watch. And what was my punishment?” Her face darkened.

“I had to watch that and carry on with life and they decided that since Ryan hadn't ‘kept me in check’ that he and I had to stay together, I felt awful that he couldn't move on with life. He was always good to me even after what I put him through until the day he died, leaving me all this money. He could have been with someone else who was good to him and like him if it wasn't for me, turning down Jeremiah. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad but because I don’t what you to do what I did. Marry the boy. For god’s sake marry the boy, Phee.”

“But what if I actually like the man I’m supposed to marry.” I said looking at my feet, in awe of her strength and yet resistant to listen to her.

“Don’t be such a fool!” She shouted in anger towards my ignorance, I flinched slightly before she continued “What makes you think that they’ll tell you who you were going to marry?”

“I guess I…” I said fumbling over myself, my mind thinking one thing and being tripped up by her words, twisting into my own.

“No! This is your life! What would your mother think of you now?” She said delicately, but her words stung like she had slapped me across the face.

“I… I… I don’t want to talk about it anymore… I’ll think about, I promise.” I said, sounding apologetic for a reason I wasn't sure of because angry, annoyed, hurt yes but apologetic, no way. 

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