The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


5. The wait

As instructed, everyone rose and got into line, me and Chase were both in selection pen 2, and I was torn whether it was a good thing or not, I was relieved to have my best friend with me but after that awkward journey, I wasn’t so sure and I wanted some time to think about us. Our numbers and sections were all stated in the letter: the numbers are ordered in the time we were born, so if you are the oldest 19 year old you are number 1 (unfortunate), I am number 157 and Chase is number 69, meaning we are both quite old and in the same sector. Each sector is built up of 200 kids and 10 scanners so overall there are 50 sectors. It’s a long process. Again, the voice came on telling us to leave and report to our designated sector. We ran to the centre, knowing being later meant everyone else was held up and physical punishment was certain. We were allowed to stay with our friends until a loud speaker announces our number. Suddenly, all of my nerves resurfaced; I could feel my heart rate increase with every number called. Soon, we were at number 60, 61, 62, 63, 64…

“I better get closer to the front.” Chase said sadly.

He started walking and I felt loss seep through my every pore for a reason my brain couldn’t fully understand.

“I love you!” I looked around in search of who had made this sudden outburst but all I could see was a group of girls giggling and sighing, Chase looked startled. I nudged the girl next to me who I partly recognised yet don’t know from where

“Who said that?” I whispered.

The girl looked confused then said “You.”

“What?” I screeched causing anyone who wasn’t already staring at me to begin to glare. I think they pitied me really either that or they were worried that their interaction with me would cause punishment, interruption is forbidden in society although nothing happened. I turned back to Chase who was still absently gaping at me, he started walking towards me when security enforcers grabbed him and took him away… He was searching my face as if it would hold the answers to all of his questions until he was too far away to see me anymore. He kicked and sprawled to get away but an enforcer punched him in the gut hard and he went slack. I felt numb and confused for such a long time listening mindlessly as the numbers ticked by and the amount of people decreased 121, 122, 123, 124… I searched my brain as to why I said what I did… 131, 132, 134… Did I mean that? 141,142, 143, 144… Is it true? I broke through the now thinner crowd to the front and a guard came up to me, preparing to take me away. I recognised him immediately as one of the security enforcers that took Chase away but not the one who punched him thankfully

“Excuse me, did that boy say anything?” I asked trying to keep my voice steady.

“I’m sorry; no he just looked a bit stunned.” I sighed sadly. Numbers 151 through 155 flew by and the guard gestured for me to get ready, I walked through the archway and placed my letter down for my letter to be scanned, then put my finger on the DNA tester so that they could make sure I was who I was, it pricked my finger sharply and I jumped backwards but then placed my thumb back on obediently. I wipe my hand on some disinfectant tissues, passed through quickly and go to the guard who introduced himself as Jeremy and he escorted me through the masses of large photo booth like machines from the old world until we arrived at one labelled 4

“Good luck and goodbye.” He turned swiftly on his heels and didn’t look back

“Thanks.” I said quietly. He seemed nice.

A man emerged from the booth and beckoned me inside

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