The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


15. The proposal

We went to a cute field on the outskirts of the village that we went to every Sunday. We would lie down, talk about pointless things until I was ready to go home for dinner. We ran about in the field with a rock and threw it back and forth, fortunately avoiding injury this time round. I remember a few years ago, when we started the weekly tradition, I threw it and it hit him just below his eye, he had a black eye for weeks! I remembered that moment and began giggling like a school girl; Chase however still doesn't see how that was very funny. Around an hour later I was beginning to feel hungry so we said our goodbyes and I had begun to walk off home, stomping through the grass, trying to create a dirt path. Chase sat and fiddled with some grass, tying it into a knot, lost in his thoughts.

“Wait! Wait!” He shouted after me.

“What?” I asked, feeling slightly grumpy because my tummy was now grumbling fiercely.

He beckoned me to sit down again

“So, how about we get married?” He said nonchalantly as if asking me to go for a walk.

“What?” I yelled. “That’s crazy! No, you’re crazy! We’re nineteen for one and we’re… we’re not a… thing?”

“I was hoping that wasn’t an issue, the thing thing…” He said, looking innocently at his feet.

“Chase!” I shouted nearly laughing in shock.

“Alright, the 19 thing isn't a big deal!”

“Err, yes it is!”

“No, no!” He said patting my arm. “We’re 19, next year they’re going to assign us our life partner, but they won’t if we’re already married… How old were your parents?”

I thought back to the time when I asked my dad how he met my mum a few months after she had died, I had toughened up but my dad still didn’t want to talk about it, I had bugged him about for an entire week but eventually he caved in

“Well, I was 19 and I was called to the Elite village to be told about your Grandfather, you know passing, and I was on my way back on the bus and she was just there. I went over and introduced myself, we dated for a week and then we got married, it was just a legal one confirming we would not take part in the life partner ceremony and then we had a ceremony in the field you always go to and invited all our friends and family and they all brought flowers, it was so pretty. Your mother… was stunning.”

“Wasn’t it a bit quick?”

“I guess so, but I turned 20 in 1 month so I couldn’t hold back any longer, I didn’t want to marry a stranger and, I just knew… She was the one for me.”

Chase gave a good argument technically but I protested none the less

“I get what you’re saying but we’re not in love!” I could tell he was getting frustrated with me

“Alright, marry a stranger for all I care!” He shouted before storming off for a second and then returning.

“In fact I do care! This affects me! If I don’t marry you, someone I know and I like, I’m marrying a stranger and I do not want that!” He shouted at me, I flinched.

“Shut up!”

“You know what I’m saying is true!”

“Don’t be such a fool! Love doesn’t even exist anymore!”

“What about my parents and your parents?”

“What if we marry people we hate? I like you enough, I know you well enough! Isn’t that enough?”

“You don’t love me! And I don’t… Well I…I won’t marry you!” I snarl before running off sprinting as fast as I could so I didn’t have to speak to him. 

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