The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


11. Mrs Main

I woke up early that Saturday morning and I was startled not to see Robin getting ready for school, then realised that today is her only day off school. I knew she will be in bed for at least two more hours because the week exhausts her and I was up early, so I decided to go and try to sell some stuff. I had learnt a few months ago that if I managed to make it as far out of our area as possible, I can sell things for a higher price to the richer people if they were up to a high standard, if not, I’d sell them to the poorer people. I left a note on the counter, telling her what I was doing in case she gets up earlier than I anticipated. I jogged to Chase’s house and knocked on his door. Xavier answered the door as it is his day off, he and his wife had good jobs and were allowed to alternate working hours so someone is always around to look after Daisy, Chase’s little sister who had developed a distaste to Chase as he isn’t around as much.

“Morning, darling.” He said, I heard a rustle from behind him and Daisy ran towards me and hugged me, knocking the wind out of me slightly. Daisy was short which was highly unexpected due to the tall nature of her parents and how Chase grew to become taller than his already very tall father who made me seem small despite myself being relatively tall anyway. Daisy was only 10 so she wasn’t really friends with my sister which I imagine makes things easier for Chase. Chase appeared seconds later causing his sister to scamper away.

“You ready?” I asked. He picked up his bag in which we held all of our products then he stepped out to me and we started to jog off, I had to learn very quickly how to keep up with Chase. We had to jog for an hour to get out of our area then through a secret dodgy alleyway to get to central town where all the rich people lived. We stood outside of the alley, preparing ourselves for a long sprint. ‘Go’ He whispered. I run. I don’t look back. I felt the wind slap me in the face and my hair pulling backwards in the ferocious gust of air against me. My clothes billowed out and pulled me back like when you open up your coat when you’re little in the wind.  I heard a slight muttering then was on the floor, my face was covered in mud then I was being hauled to my feet, pushed to the other side of the alley and pressed up against it.

“What the hell are you doing, Chase?” I hissed fiercely. He clapped his hand over my mouth; I tried to speak but the words merged into an incomprehensible muffled sound. I heard people talking on the outside of the fence

“I know what you can do!” The 1st man shouted.

“Leave me alone!” The 2nd man begged.

“Who’s going to stop me?” The 1st man says cockily.

“The Elite will!” The 2nd man counters.

There was a pause and I was certain that they would be able to hear my heart beating.

“Who do you think sent me?” The 1st man asked before there was a thud and then the sound of a body being dragged across tarmac. The 1st man left swiftly leaving me stood in the alleyway with Chase. I looked up and I was sure I was back in my dream, his body was squashed against mine, I could feel each breath he took on my face, I tilted my head upwards ever so slightly, my thoughts were confused and mingled in with my dreams, I expected him to kiss me. He doesn’t. He pushed me forwards roughly so I would start to run again. I started sprinting again, wanting to ignore our awkward moment, I ran to our usual customer, a kind widowed women who was left a lot of money named Mrs Main.

“Good morning, Mrs Main, can we interest you in any vases or any knitted scarfs or hats?”

“Good morning, Phee. How’s your father? I’ll take a scarf, a nice vase and will you do me a favour for me please?”

“Anything for you Mrs Main.” Chase said suavely.

“My dad’s ok, I guess. We’re struggling a bit but it’s going to be fine.” I said handing her one of Robin’s best scarfs and a nice vase but the not the best one because we had other customers who expect the best and would pay a lot more for it however she paid us enough that if she was our only customer that day that we had enough to feed our family’s when we split the money. She handed me a bit more than our usual amount, then puts her hand in her pocket and handed me nearly the same amount again.

“I want you to go shopping for me, get me some stew and bread, the change is yours.”

I was in awe; it was almost a week’s pay! I was thankful deep down as we were struggling a bit at the moment due to cuts at the mine and an increase in the price of materials needed for our products however, I didn’t want to accept it, it was too much and I had my pride.

“This is way too much money!”

“Things are expensive round here; I want to help you out too.” I hugged her, she was so sweet and you could tell she wasn’t originally from here as she is far from the snobs that take up these parts. We jogged through the town past some houses we will go to later if we feel like it and we headed to the luxury market which was unlike ours in various ways. Our market is always overly crowded and everyone is competing against each other, some sellers are even homeless. This market sold gorgeous silk outfits and accessories and fabulous food that could have been in the Elite village it was that perfect. We headed towards a small stall which pointed out on a sign that it sold the best chicken stew, I only had to see the fresh ingredients on the side and could tell that what they were saying was true, no one showed the prices because the natives don’t care but there was a deal with bread and cheese so we went with that.

“That will be 5 Dilanou.”

“Wow!” The stew from our market was only half a Dilanou. I started to walk away but Chase brought me back, took the money out my purse and handed it to the stall owner. He took the stew quickly as if it was going to disappear and we started to leave. We counted our money and we had 20 Dilanou left, 10 more than usual. We decided to buy some stew and bread for our families and we still had 10 Dilanou left over, we went over to 5 other houses and received 30 Dilanou from them, we split that as well. I had 20 Dilanou to go home with and a meal, it’s fantastic. It seems so silly to be so excited over nothing more than a stew but it was so delicious and luxurious that it was hard to resist. I raced back to the village, eager to spread the news while Chase tried to sell a few more scarfs to a market stall, he promised me that he’d bring any money to me, so I left him to it. I decided to go to the wool shop and buy some nicer material so we could make some more money, I bought Robin a new shirt for school, some cheese for my father and some seeds for our vegetable garden also known as our main source of food.

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