The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


19. Mother

I took off running, playing a game with myself, trying to stretch my legs out even further than the last. I made it home in record time, my heart was pounding in my ears, my legs were throbbing. I ran inside and slammed the door so hard it nearly came off of its hinges then I screamed at the top of my lungs so hard my throat stung.
“Flipping heck, Phoenix! Quieten down dear! What would your mother say if she heard you making that racket?” Angelica was sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, sipping a drink she calls tea that she grows at home.
She tapped the chair next to her and collapsed into it. She wrapped her arms around me and I sobbed quietly on her shoulder.
“It’ll be okay.” She whispered.
“How?” I was doubtful she could have said anything to make me feel better; I didn't even know if she knew what’s going on.
She pushed me gently on the shoulders so that I was facing her
“Dearie, Chase hasn't told me much but all I know is, nothing gets sorted or figured out by ignoring each other.” I said nothing.
“I know you think that this is a private matter but it’s not. You could get relocated, they could match you with someone miles away, your family needs you. Your mother wouldn't have wanted you to move away.” She said softly yet forcefully in a manner I didn't know was possible.
I screamed again causing Angelica to jerk backwards in shock.
“Why? Why does everyone always bring my mother into this? She’s dead! She doesn't think anything anymore! I’m am so tired of people using her, manipulating her name and making me do what they want! It’s always ‘your mother would want this’ and ‘what would your mother think?’. I’m sick of it! I won’t marry Chase because of my mother. Angelica, the one thing I know about my mother is that she wouldn't force me into anything.” I shouted bitterly.
Angelica rose from her seat and left the house quietly, she was obviously frustrated but I didn't care. It wasn't her fault but all of my anger just bubbled up and exploded like a bomb. In fact I didn't mind people saying what my mother would want, they made it sound like she was on holiday and she would come back and tell me off. I sat there seething with rage until I felt that I had lost myself in my thoughts… I stood up slowly and walked over to Chase’s house to accept defeat. I knocked on the door and Daisy came running forward
“Chase isn't in.” She stated.
“And who says I’m not here to see you?” I sounded surprisingly happily considering the mood I was in. I took her hand and she led me out to a small bench that was round the back of their home. 
“He’s not right, Phee.” She didn't need to explain… Why else would he be like that? 
“I don’t want to talk about Chase.” 
“I don’t care. He’s not here, Phee. He’s always home or with you. Where is he?” She said sadly.
“I… I don’t know…” I felt like I had lost him, like he was dead. I knew that wasn't true because he wasn't stupid but...                 I gave Daisy a quick hug then started sprinting round past the front of the house.

“Phee!” I heard as if it was a whisper
“PHOENIX!” Xavier bellowed out. I turned around and found him stood at the front of the house, signalling me to come in. 
“Where are you going?” He asked.
“To find Chase.” He shook his head sadly
“Give him time, darling. Give him time.” He put his arm around my shoulder and shook it, he then he pushed me forwards slightly, as if saying ‘Go home, dear’.


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