The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


14. Judged

Today was my father’s only half day in work so I ran home, hopefully avoiding the questioning to why I was late. Robin and I usually expect him to be home by lunch so when I got home I saw Robin starting to slowly heat up the stew, on the side are some beautiful scarfs made from the new material.

“Where did you go?” She said, I could tell that she had already anticipated what I’m about to say, she sees through me like my father does; like glass.

She cocked her head slightly and she had put her hand on her hip as if she was saying ‘tell me the truth’

“Alright… I went to go err… talk to your old friends.” I said almost playfully.

“And?” She said, cutting to the chase.

“Ok. This good news is, they are certainly not going to make fun of you again. The bad news is… they may never talk to you again…”

She sighed, irritated

I told her the story and she couldn’t help but laugh really

“Serves them right!” She said.

I explained the look on that boys face and she laughed. Before I knew it, it was like nothing had ever happened. We kept nibbling and sneaking tiny bits of stew, hoping each other didn’t notice but we always did.

We were giggling with excitement over getting a portion of stew when someone knocked on the door, hoping it was my father so we could dig into the feast of food, I ran to the door but… it was Chase. I shut the door and stood outside

“How did you do?” I asked, he put his hand in his pocket, halved the money and handed me 10 Dilanou, I was disappointed as we had 5 scarfs to sell and they were all for wealthy customers who would definitely pay at least 10 for each one. I sighed sadly not bothering to mask my sadness. Then Chase reached into his bag and unveiled a small pot filled with ham, a delicious looking bread loaf and a silk scarf which he placed around my shoulders.

“We got a lot of money and I figured if you had a nice scarf, people wouldn’t be as snobby as they were buying off poor people.” I gave him a hug and over his shoulder, I saw my father walking towards us, I leaned back and gave Chase a look that only he could translate.

I quickly tucked the food and scarf through the door into Robin’s hands

“We didn’t do very well today.” I said to my father.

“Enough to live from?” He asked worriedly.

“Well come see.” I said signalling for him to come inside while Chase started for home.

We opened the door and found Robin, wearing her new shirt with the scarf wrapped around her shoulders, slicing one of the loaves and placing a slice of cheese and ham on the bread. She poured a tiny amount of stew into a bowl for us to taste for lunch.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“I did well.” I said, telling him and showing him the rest of what I got.

“You little star!” He exclaimed, squeezing me quickly.

My sister left quickly after to go do her homework, I sat at the pottery wheel and began to work my hand up and down it methodically; it had become a natural thing to do lately. I continued to this for a few hours, producing 20 vases (I’m quick) before Chase came round. I kissed my father on the cheek, grabbed a blanket and me and Chase headed out. 

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