The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


10. Home

Then I was back in my room, my breathing was fast, my heart was racing uncontrollably, I touched my cheek and it was stained and damp with tears, my father was sat at my side in his mining gear. He nestled into my covers with me and stroked my hair like my mother used to; his arms were wrapped around me, protecting me like armour from everything, even myself. Especially myself.

“Another bad one?” He asked.

This was not an uncommon practise with me, you see, I am what some people, well mainly the elder generations, call natural mutations, some call me an advancement in human evolution but all I know is that I am different and that most other people my age are too. It all started in the 2160’s when kids were starting to be born with or developing different abilities that humans couldn’t do before, funnily enough around the time when Electio day started. Now it’s normal to have different qualities. My mother was able to communicate with birds, my father can sense different emotions and Robin is able to calm a person down by touching them. Chase can sense when someone is going to be in trouble, which is helpful obviously and he is incredibly strong and fast. And me? I dream like no normal person would and I don’t know anyone else who can like I do. When I dream, it is extremely realistic, often based on facts or events to come. Sometimes, it is the outcome of the future, others it’s my mind wandering meaninglessly. When a normal person dreams, your brain and thoughts are not controlling the dream which causes strange and wonderful things however when I dream, the thinking part of my brain is in direct contact with my dreaming part. This causes me to feel what the dream me feels at the time, thus the tears. It can also tap into my memories, which I hate because I usually dream about my mother, which is why my flashback is extremely accurate and in graphic detail as it was in real life. 

I nodded.

“Was it about your mum?” He asked. I nodded again because it is partly true and I didn’t want to explain the rest. He clutched me harder than before running his fingers through my hair again, reminding himself of my mother. He does this often when he was feeling insecure or missing her in the same way he always looks at Robin’s Mediterranean Sea blue eyes from my mother. That’s the good thing about our relationship, we don’t need those awkward ‘do you still miss them?’ conversations because as long as I still wake up crying, as long as he still looks at Robin’s eyes and my hair and as long as Robin still hugs the teddy bear which was her last birthday present off mum every morning and night, we all know each other still misses her. Before I knew it, my eyes are closed and I am drifting away as I heard a quiet goodbye as he leaves for work and then I am gone.

An hour later, I woke up from yet another dream about my mother, this time it was when we got back from the elite town after being told she was dead, my father sits us down and says that he ‘owes us an explanation’.

“Right so, I’m sure you were wondering what ‘on duty’ meant.” Robin nodded solemnly.

“Your mother worked for the government… as a spy.” Robin and I exchanged a glance before shouting “What?” My mother was always sweet, how could she be a spy? Again, like back at the office, anger bubbled up

“Why didn’t you tell us?” I shout at him, he flinched then releases his emotions too.

“Why do you think?” He shouts back at me “Do you not remember what your mother told you?” I burst out crying along with Robin because my father never shouted but I understood afterwards that he had held it together for so long and he just had to release it. And then I remembered.

Every day before school my mother would tell me not to tell anyone about my dreams, I never understand why until my mother sat me down and told me there were certain twisted, manipulative people who would try to use me and if no one knows, no one ever would. I never told anyone. Chase knows but only because that was when we were little and my mother hadn’t told me yet. My mother told my sister to as well but she ended up in an argument as calming others means she can’t calm herself. I resented my father for a while after that but now I understand that we could be used against her if someone knew.

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