The Selection

Phoenix lives in a world where everyone has abilities, where the Elite have tight control of her life. Phoenix resents the Elite and before she knows it, she is joining the rebellion she never knew existed, leaving behind her family and everything she had worked on for years


16. Home again

I ran inside and collapse on one of the kitchen chairs, my father was a work so I only risked confrontation for Robin, I locked the door. Seconds later there was thuds on the door, I shouted ‘No!’ repeatedly until he left. I ran into my room and screamed into my pillow, allowing as much anger and frustration to leave me. A hand lightly touched my arm and I immediately felt relaxed, I turned over and found Robin at my side

“Stop it… Don’t use your ability on me.” I panted both because I was out of breath and because I was unable to shout. She let go and I felt relieved. I hated when she did it, I could feel her presence in my mind and I knew I couldn’t stop it, I can’t stand not being in control. I felt her there, looming like a shadow, controlling and restraining.

“Sorry, I don’t like people being upset.” I knew that very well, after we lost our mother, she spent most of the day following us around and calming us down if we got worked up. In the end my father snapped and banned her from using it on us because the more she did it, the more we got worked up and it defied what she wanted to do.

“Just leave me alone.” I muttered as I walked out the room.

I had a strangely dreamless sleep that night, probably because my head was swarming with so many different things that I couldn’t decide what to dream about so I just didn’t…

I woke up late in the morning and was completely alone, Robin was away at school, and my father was long gone for work so it was just me. I grabbed my father’s bow and arrow and jogged round to Chase’s and knocked hoping for anyone but him. I heard footsteps approaching the door and Angelica appearing in her work suit

“Sorry I’m in a hurry; will you give these to Chase please?” She gave me a questionable look but knew better than to hassle me when I was like this. She took the vases unwillingly but I quickly thrust them into her hands when I heard other footsteps, assuming it was Chase, I ran. I tried not to feel guilty making him sell it all but if I’m honest, he’ll probably do better without me. The older ladies thought he was charming, the younger girls fancied him as he is undeniably handsome, and then they forced their parents to buy our products often however they disliked me terribly for being possible competition.

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