The Dark Side

This is the side of Cody Simpson no angel would have ever seen coming.


1. Chapter 1

 "LETS GO OF ME!" I yelled to my boyfriend, excuse me ex-boyfriend Toby.  "Wait Nicole! Let me explain!!" He yelled back. I stormed off running down the street. MY heart beating harder the faster and the longer I ran. I didn't dare look back because I could hear him gaining on me and if I did look back he would definitely catch up to me. "Leave me alone Toby!" "No! I want to explain!" I could feel myself losing breath fast. I need water but I don't have any. I kept running. Getting slower and slower until I reached the front steps of my apartement. Im glad I joined track this year. Senior Year. I thought it was best I join some clubs. I opened my door and ran to my living room. I opened the blinds a little so only my eyes could be seen rom the outside. I scanned the street up and down to see nothing there. I looked at my front door Empty. He was gone! I was free. I put the blind down and hopped off the couch. I went to the front hallway to find Toby waiting for me there. He was quiet and I didn't know he was there. When I turned the corner I jumped. "Toby get out!" I yelled. "NO!" He yelled grabbing onto me. I struggled to get free but eventually did. I stepped back and did what I never expected to do. My foot left the ground as I kicked him in the balls,hard. He let out a scream and fell to the ground in the fetal position. I picked him up and scooted him out of my house. Before I shut the door I yelled stay out. I watched as he stumbled down the front steps and walked down the street. He regained his balance and walked away.

I shut the door and locked it tight. Nobody would ever get in now. I took my shoes off and threw them in the closet. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the water. I filled it with ice then poured water over it. Cold water isn't good for the liver but you know what? I deserve it sometimes and this is one of those times. I walked over to the living room and sat myself down on the couch. I looked for the remote and ended up tearing the couch apart to find it. "Ugh." I let out. I couldn't find it. I put the couch back together and noticed it was sitting on the mantle. Alrighty then. I grabbed it and sat down again. I turned the tv on and watched Global News.

"Town Wide Investiagtion Search has been started. If you see this boy [563595_384677121640358_1563675606_n] please call the police. His name is Cody Simpson and he is 18 years old. He has an Australian Accent and blond hair.

"Ugh stupid teens these days. I wonder what he did." I said to myself shutting the tv off. I walked to the kitched again and grabbed a granola bar before heading upstairs to my room. I walked upstairs ripping the plastic off my granola bar. I took a bite and opened the door to my room. I felt a rush of wind coming from the bottom of the door. I didn't leave my window open. What happening? I tore the door open and let out a shriek.

"Shhh! I'm not here to hurt you! I promise!" The boy said. "Wait" I said getting a better look at him. "You look like the wanted guy. Cody Simpson. Is that you? Are you him? I'm calling the police." I said turning around. Before I left the room I felt a cold hand come on my shoulder and pull me back. I fell down on the ground to see him close the door and blinds. He turned the light on and I could see his face clearly now. It was him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "I just need somewhere to stay. The cops are on the run for me but I didn't do anything wrong! I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They probably said I was armed on the tv huh?" He asked. "It didn't come up." I aid backing up to get as far away from him as possible. "Just listen to me. My name is Cody Simpson. I am 18 years old and I'm a high school graduate with straight A's and never got in trouble once." He said. "Then why are the police looking for you?" I asked crossing my arms sitting down on my bed. I don't know why but I'm letting myself trust him. I cleared my bed and let him have a seat. "Look this is what happened. A group of my friends and I were at Esso when a fight broke out between two guys I don't know who they were. I guess what happened was that they were fighting because one wsa accusing the other of not giving him money or something. I don't really know." He said looking at the ground. He had his left hand in a fist and his other was rubbing his arm. "Wow. So how did you get in the middle of it? I mean Im just guessing this is where its going." I said looking at the same spot he was. He lifted his head and looked at me. Our eyes met and I could see pain in his eyes. I felt something in my gut to believe him and he was telling the truth. I looked down at the ground then back at him again and I saw the beginning of tears coming out of his eyes. I let him cry before he continued. "Well, what happened was was that one guy saw me standing there and before the other guy struck him he threw me in and I was hit in the eye." He said removing his sunglasses to reveal a black eye. "Then the police came and they both ran off and saw me there. They didn't have any explanation so instead of me being the victim, they blamed me for what happened and had me arrested but I ran when they went back to the car. I kept running and they were chasing me. I ran and ran and ran until I saw your window open and I climbed up and came in and I have been sitting here ever since. I'm sorry. I'll leave now. You can call the cops if you want to. The entire town is looking for me because they think I killed someone." He said. I put the phone down on my desk and sat beside him. I wrapped my arms around him as if I was comforting my bestfriend only this wasn't my bestfriend it was an intruder who I feel as if hes my bestfriend now. I need to help him. "We can run. We can run together. I know I just met you and I probably should call the cops for you breaking and entering but I cant. I need to help you." I said. He leaned in on me shoulder and I rocked him as if he was a little kid who fell and got a small cut. "Thankyou" he whispered.

Soon enough we both fell asleep.

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