Chasing You

Harry is just roaming the streets of London when he comes across a diary lying on the floor. He picks it up. And is hesitant to read it or not. Harry finally decides to take a look inside. When he gets back to his flat he starts to read it. He can't put it down. This mystery girl can't get off his mind. He is determined to find her. But there could be hundreds of girls missing a diary. Will harry find her? Will he tell anyone about the diary? Find out when you read 'Chasing you'


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV. 

  I finally arrived at the hospital. I went to the front desk. 

"Hello what may I help you with Mr, oh my Mr styles!" She asked. 

"Yeah cool, um can I be sent to Dakotas room?" I asked. 

"Sure. Does Dakota have a last name?" She asked bluntly. 

"I'm not sure what it is but she's supposed to be able to leave today." I said. 

"Let me seeeeeeeee." She said scrolling down on her computer. 

"Ok room 4108 on the 4th floor to the left." She smiled. 

I went we're she directed me. I broke a sweat by the time I finally got to her room. I pulled the curtain open slowly revealing and empty hospital bed. I saw a nurse walk by and ran to her. 

"Excuse me miss!" I said running to catch up to her. 

She turned around. "Yes sir?" She asked politely

"Hi um do you have any idea were Dakota is she was in room 4108 and she's not there anymore." I said gasping for air after every word. 

"Well sir I think she got released today." She said frowning with me. She patted my shoulder and began walking away. 

"Wait what time?" I asked. 

"You missed her by 10 minutes." She sighed. 

"Okay and sorry for asking but do you know where she lives?" I smiled looking like a creep. 

"Sorry we can't give out that information." She said walking away. 

I was so close to her. I got back in my car and just sat there. Thinking about her. Then I realised she doesn't have a car. So she's walking. I could just go driving around for her. 

A/N Heyyyy guys I'm having fun writing this so I hope you like it! I'm also sorry that this chapter was short! Ill update everyday and Ill probably listen to the comments so my story can please you guys. Byeeee! xx -Bri

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