Chasing You

Harry is just roaming the streets of London when he comes across a diary lying on the floor. He picks it up. And is hesitant to read it or not. Harry finally decides to take a look inside. When he gets back to his flat he starts to read it. He can't put it down. This mystery girl can't get off his mind. He is determined to find her. But there could be hundreds of girls missing a diary. Will harry find her? Will he tell anyone about the diary? Find out when you read 'Chasing you'


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV. 

I shuffled the diary out from under my pillow. And began reading. 

Dear Diary,

  I wish I had a place to escape. My mum is psycho and my dad is in jail. I have 1 sister Libby and she's my everything. I basically am her parent cause my mom is out doing her job. Being a stripper. I really don't know how to use a diary. I'm not gonna put my crushes in this cause I don't have any. This can just be my journal, that I right daily stuff in.
             Love, Dakota

I closed the book and put it back under my pillow. I just sat there looking at the wall. I guess I never realised how lucky I was until I read this diary about Dakota. I reached for my phone and started texting my friend Kristin. 

Hey- Harry

Hey you!- Kristin

I was wondering if you wanted to stop by and watch movie 43 with meee- Harry

Sure be right over :)- Kristin

Kristin was just a close friend. I considered her a sister. And my fans didn't see her as a threat so that's good. 

As I waited for kristin to arrive I pulled the diary out again and read  the second entry. 

Dear Journal,

   My mom is the worst! She told Libby that she was a whore! How the hell is a 9 year old girl a whore? This is exactly what she did to me. Called my a bitch and smacked me all the time. But I was never gonna let that happen to Libby. Other then my mom I have to put up with school. The work isn't the problem. More like the assholes in it. I have no friends. And I get called a loser every day. I didn't do anything to deserve this. I may not be as rich as them but I have feelings too! I hope one day ill have my time to shine. 
          Love, Dakota

I closed the book and sighed. "Dakota you shine in my heart." I said aloud to myself. 

I heard a soft knock on the door. I put the diary under my pillow and went to get the door. 

"Hey hazza!" Kristin yelled with open arms. 

"Hey!" I said hugging her back. 

I walked her in and we sat on the couch. I put the movie in and sat on recliner while kristin was sprawled out on the sofa. 

Half way thew the movie my eyes fluttered shut. 

Kristins POV. 

I woke up at about 3 am. The movie Ended and the credits were rolling. I went to the bathroom and fixed my ponytail. I'm just gonna sleep in Harry's bed whilst he's on the recliner. 

I put my head on the pillow but it was so hard. I lifted it up and saw a book. I opened the book and started to read. 

Harry's POV. 

I woke up and the movie was over. I looked to the sofa and kristin was gone. I looked around and saw her on my bed. WITH THE DIARY! 

"What are you doing?" I asked bluntly. 

"Oh just reading this thing, how did you get this?" She asked. 

"Known of your business. And stop!" I said bluntly once more. 

"Sorry, I just, I'll go." She put the book down and ran out of my flat. 

I stood there. I didn't wanna go after her. Yeah I felt bad for acting like that. But she shouldn't be in my room! Going through my stuff.

I went over to my bed and picked up the diary. I got up in my bed and started reading the third entry. 

Dear journal,
    Some one please help me and my sister! Not that anyone will read this other then me. Today is the worst of all days. I just got committed to the north east hospital. I have a broken arm. I hate staying here! My sister was to young to come to the hospital due to all the x-rays. Now she's at home probably getting beat by my mom. You see what happened was I was picking Libby up from school when my mom drove by in a trashy car. She offered a ride but we said it was ok cause the car looks like it's gonna break down sooner then later. So she started swearing at us and smacked Libby for no reason just for standing behind me. So I pushed my mom into the car and her boyfriend Glen must have been in the car so he pulled my off my mom and just snapped my arm. I could only imagine what there doing to my baby Libby. They said ill have to be in here for a week! Cause they said my rib cage might be messed up but I Denny it. They said I won't be released until April 3 2013. I just wish I had a hug from someone. 
               Love Dakota

I wish I could hug her. I wish I could help her and her sister. I took a quick look at the date. She's being realest today! But she must of lost the diary a week ago. But how? If she's been in the hospital this whole time?

I tried to think we're a north east hospital was. Then it clicked. I jumped in my car and drove to the hospital. 

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