She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


7. The Truth

"Well what?" he asked. "You have to swear that you aren't going to tell anyone," I pleaded. "I promise," he smiled. "Now tell me." "Okay so remember that REALLY big party that Kathie Aaron had over the summer?" I asked. He just nodded, not wanting to interrupt.


"Darcy!" Kathie greeted with a smile. "Hey," I waved. "Glad you could come love. Come on in," she smiled. I grabbed Dan's hand to pull him in. I had lied to my parents, telling them that we were just hanging out at Dan's. They didn't mind that if I spent the night at his house because they knew that I had strict limits and if they were crossed, I was done. The longer we stayed, the farther we drifted apart. "Shots! Shots! Shots!" I heard a group yell. I turned to see some of the party goers throwing back drinks. I looked around for Dan to leave. I wasn't having this go on my record and to have my parents humiliated. I told the group I was talking to that I had to go. It took me a while to find my then boyfriend but when I did, I secretly I regretted. "Hey baby," he slurred. "You're going home," I told him as I pushed him to the door. When I opened the door, I couldn't believe what I was seeing: A cop, his hand up as if he was going to knock. "Evening ma'am," he nodded. I nodded back. In my head, I was praying that Dan wouldn't say and/or do anything stupid. "I'm gonna get more to drink," he slurred. I swore under my breath. "You alright son?" the officer asked. "He's just really tired," I lied. "Why don't you come downtown with me," the officer stated more than suggested. I groaned as I dragged Dan to the car. "Where are we going?" Dan asked. "Downtown," I told him. "But I don't need to go shopping," he whined. I rolled my eyes as I sat in the back of the car.

While Dan was being interviewed, I texted Aunt Gemma and Ashley to tell them what was going on. I texted Aunt Gemma because I in case they needed to call a parent or guardian. I only texted Ash because I needed a friends opinions. "Darcy!" the secretary called. I sighed as I placed my phone in my pocket. I sat in the office of the officer who took us in. "I just want to give you a heads up: just because you're the daughter of Harry Styles, doesn't mean you're going to get special treatment," he spoke. "I know sir," I told him. "Good," he smiled, leaning back in his chair. "Since we can't get a solid story from your friend, let's hear it from you." "Well Dan and I were hanging out at his house. We had been invited to a party a few days before so we had decided to go. Once at the party, I went over to a group of girls who I knew. I honestly could not tell you where Dan went. I was talking to a group of people who I knew but I wasn't friends with. You know what I'm saying?" I asked to make sure he was keeping up. He nodded so I continued. "When I started hearing the group start to yell 'Shots!' over and over again. not wanting to get in trouble, I looked for Dan but by the time I found him he was drunker than a skunk. I dragged him over to the door and I think you know the rest." "Well I'll send you home. Can you give me your parent's number?" he asked, picking up his phone. "Well you see sir, they are helping my grandparents with something so I'm spending the weekend with my aunt," I lied. He nodded. "What's her number?" he sighed. I told him the number then was shooed out of the room. I nodded and walked out.

     As I sat in the waited in the waiting room, Aunt Gemma texted me that she was on her way. The officer came into the room. "Your Aunt is on her way. Now she wanted me to explain what's going to happen. I trust you to tell your parents the truth when they get home. You aren't being charged with anything. Meanwhile, Dan will be spending the night or until he sobers up. I hope you learned from this Miss Styles," he nodded before going back to his office. I was in the middle of reading an old issue of  an entertainment magazine when Aunt Gemma arrived. "You are in so much trouble young lady," she said through gritted teeth. '"I'm sorry!" I rushed out. "First you lie to me then you go and get yourself arrested," she shook her head. "Wait until your father hears about this." "I'm sorry Aunt Gemma!" I wept. "Don't apologize to me," she snapped. She talked to the officer before she drove me home. "I hope you know I'm not really mad at you," she told me. "Well it sure seemed like it," I told her. "What did you tell them?" I asked. "That Dan wanted to go to a party so you called me to hang out." I nodded as I thought of a story. I didn't have to worry about pictures because nobody had their phones out. "What if they ask why I didn't tell them?" "Just tell them that you forgot," she shrugged. I nodded as I went through the story in my head. I told my parents the story and they believed me. 

~End of Flashback~

     "And that's what happened," I smiled. "I'm just surprised that they haven't found out yet," he replied. "No offence." "That makes two of us," I sighed.


A/N: Sorry that if this sucked and that it took so long. I've had a busy week between standardized tests, batting practice, and other stuff so yeahhhh. Hope you enjoyed this :)

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