She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


10. The Blanket

     "Is Darcy Styles following in the footsteps of her father?" the person on TV as walked into the house after spending the day with Mark. "She was spotted last night getting a little lip action during ironically Last First Kiss. What will happen next between the couple? Who knows." I rolled my eyes as I joined my mum in the living room. "Wanna watch a movie?" she asked. "Yeah," I sighed. "I'll pick a DVD, you can go get some blankets." I nodded as I ran upstairs. I opened Calley's door to check on her, only to find her lightly snoring. I quietly closed the door then went to the closet in the hallway that kept all the blankets. I pulled out a blanket which caused a baby blanket to fall out. Since all of our baby blankets had our name in the bottom left corner, I thought I would put it in the room of who it belonged to. A confused look came onto my face when the corner read "Brandon". I put it on top of the bundle of blankets to ask Mum about it. "What are we watching?" I asked, putting the blankets on the couch. "The Vow," she told me. I nodded as I picked up the blanket. "Mum, I found this in with the blankets," I told her as I handed her the blanket. "This belongs to one of you," she said, referring to her children. "But none of us are named Brandon." I must have said something wrong because tears came to her eyes. "I'll be right back," she said before going to her room.

     I waited a couple minutes before going to check on her. I knocked before going in. "Mum?" I asked. I found her sitting on the end of her bed. "I guess I had to tell you at some point," she sighed, wiping away tears. "Tell me what?" I asked. "You technically have two brothers," she confessed. "What?" I asked. "When you were about one, I had a miscarriage." I was shocked. Why wouldn't she tell me about this? Of course I heard rumors but I didn't think it was true. "W-Why didn't you tell me?" She just shrugged. I got up and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry Mum," I whispered, not knowing what to say. "I remember how excited you were to have a baby brother and how confused you were when I told you that he went to heaven," she chuckled, wiping away tears. "That does sound like me," I agreed, trying to lighten the mood. When Mum calmed down, we went downstairs to watch the movie. I fell asleep on the couch at the end of the movie. 

     "Baby you light up my world like nobody else!" Mum's phone rang. She groaned as she leaned over to answer it. I pulled the blanket over my head to try to go back to sleep. "Darc, time to get up," Mum yawned. "Ughhh," I groaned. "Want me to get the Rugrat?" "If you want to," she shrugged. I slowly walked up the steps as I checked my phone. "Calley! Time to get up!" I yelled. "Finally! I have been up for ages!" she complained. "Well why didn't you come wake us up?" I playfully asked. "Do I look like an alarm clock?" she asked, her arms crossed over her chest. "Come on, you have to get ready." I left her room so I could get ready. I put my hair in a messy bun after I had my uniform on then went back downstairs. "Nice hair," Mum joked. "I know right," I smiled. 

       School was boring as usual but Andy walked me to every class. As we walked down the hall, people whistled causing me to blush. "You're cute when you blush," Andy chuckled causing me to blush even more. "No PDA you two," Mr. Conner scolded. "Sorry!" I said as I let go of Andy's hand. Once around the corner, I grabbed it once again. After school, Andy offered to walk me home. I told Mas to pick up Cal on his own. "So my mum wants you over for dinner tonight," Andy blurted out. "If you can come." "I don't think I have anything planned," I smiled as I thought back to see if Mum had told me if we were doing anything tonight. "What time do you want me over?" "Um, I'll text you," he said when we got to my gate. "I'll see you then babe," I waved.

     I put my stuff down in the foyer before running upstairs. "Hey! No school stuff in the foyer missy!" Mum yelled. "I'll move it in a second!" I yelled as I dug around in my dresser for my Joni Jeans. I let out a frustrated breath when I couldn't find them. I dug in my closet, praying that I would find them. My phone vibrated from my bed. I ran over to see who texted me. It was Andy telling me what time to be there. "Darcy! Do you wanna play dress up?" Calley asked. "Not now munchkin," I turned around to give her a apologetic face when I noticed black fabric in her hands. "Calley, where did you get that?" I asked, trying to hide my anger. "I found it." "Where?" She dropped my jeans then ran to her room. "You are dead!" I shouted as I chased after her. I was stopped when she slammed the door in my face. "Open the fucking door!" I demand as I pounded on it. "Darcy Anne!" Mum shouted. "Mum! She went into my room without my permission and stole my jeans and god knows what else." "That doesn't mean you go on a rampage!" I groaned before stomping off to my room. I put on my jeans then pulled a white blouse from my closet. I ran down the down the steps then threw on the first pair of shoes I could find which luckily went with my outfit. "Where are you going?" Mason asked. "Andy's. Tell Mum I'm having dinner over there," I rushed before closing the door. 

     Dinner was amazing. I met Andy's older brothers Shayne and Mitchell, his parents were really nice, plus the food was great. I tried to have as much fun as I could because as soon as I step foot in my house I wouldn't be allowed back out. Mum was sitting in the living room reading a book when I tried to sneak to my room. "How was dinner?" Mum called. "Good," I yelled back. "So I talked to your father about you and Calley's little incident." It's never a good sign when Mum calls dad "your father". "He wanted me to pass along the message to call him." I let out a sigh of relief as I continued up to my room. I could usually talk Dad into lowering my punishment. After I got my shower I called Dad. "So how did your date go?" he asked. "God word travels fast," I joked. "Oh and it was great." "So Mum told me about you and your sister's little disagreement." "But Dad you don't understand! She stole my jeans!" "I understand sweetie but that doesn't mean that you can flip on her." "Oh I'm sorry. We're going to punish me for what Calley did." I was always blamed for whatever Calley did wrong because I was supposed to be her role model. "Darcy," Dad sighed. "Good-bye Dad," I spat before hanging up the phone then turning it off.


A/N: OMG! I'm so sorry it took so long to post this (and if this sucked). During the break I was debating if I wanted make like a tumblr page and/or an Instagram page of this series to keep you guys updated on when to expect a new chapter and all that fun stuff. Comment what you think xxAlexa

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