She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


12. Not Broken....Yet

     I couldn't help but read the article. This man who I have never heard of was claiming to be not only my father, but my siblings. If it was just me, I would just wait for it to calm down but this, this idiot brought in my family into this. I shut my laptop and stared at my ceiling. Why would he do this? Would I be ridiculed at school? God only knew and I wold find out tomorrow.

      As I got ready for school, everything was normal in the house, it was when I got to school when things started to get weird. In English, we had somehow got on the subject of our families. "I'm just glad I know who my real father is," the class douche, Sean Dimarco, said. He gave me a victorious smirk. "I'm glad that my dad is always there for me," his best friend (and almost as much as a dick) John Hannity, added. I usually had thick skin but for some reason, my walls came down, tears were just begging to stream down my face. As much as I wanted to make a snaky comment back, I just kept my mouth shut. "Now settle down," Mrs. DeVry warned. I just wanted to go home. As I walked out of school, Sean yelled to tell my "dad" that he said hi. "Go to hell!" I spat back at him. "Maybe you should go, your dad could be waiting there for you." "You must be confused with your own family," I smiled before walking away. I met Mason then continued to walk to Calley's school. "How was you're day?" I asked. "Boring as usual," he shurgged. "That's good." I was glad that no one brought up the rumor. I knew I didn't have to worry about Calley because the biggest gossip in kindergarten was who stole who's animal crackers. I was taken aback when I saw Dad's car was out of the garage. "Darcy! Daddy's home!" Calley cheered. "I see," I nodded. I knew exactly why he was home but I didn't want to worry my siblings. I lead the troops into the house which was oddly silent. "Mum?" I called. "In the kitchen babe!" she called. "K. Just checking." I went upstairs to do my homework.

     "Darcy, can you come down here?" Dad asked from the base of the stairs. I closed my English book then walked downstairs. Normally, Dad would greet me with a smile but he had the straightest face I had ever seen. "What's up?" I asked. "We just want to talk to you babe," was all he said but I knew what he wanted to talk about. "About what?" "Nothing major," he lied. Mum was sitting in the kitchen with her laptop in front of her. Her eyes scanned the screen. When she heard me enter the room she looked up at me. "Come here babe," she smiled as she patted on the chair next to her. I sat down and looked at the screen. It was the same article I read last night but I acted like I had never seen it before in my life. "Has anybody said anything about this to you?" Dad asked sternly. "Captain Douche Bag and his sidekick were joking around about it," I shrugged. "Babe, we just want you to know that it's just a rumor," Mum reassured me. For some reason, I broke down. "Shhh. It's okay D," Dad comforted as he wrapped me into a tight hug. "No it's not okay! Do you know what it's like to have your life in the public's eyes since the day you were born?" I yelled. "Do you know what it's like to grow up faster than you want to? No you don't! I wish you never got famous," I yelled before running to my room. I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. I had told them what I had always wanted to tell them. I heard Mum and Dad talk in low voices. Slowly, the voices got louder and louder then stopped when the front door slammed shut before a car drove away. "Darcy?" Calley shyly called from behind the door. "Come in baby," I told her. The door slowly opened to revel my sister with tear stains running down her face and her teddy bear tight in her in her little arms. "Why are Mummy and Daddy fighting?" she asked as she slowly walked towards me. "I don't know baby," I told her has I wrapped her in a tight hug. "I don't know." "Do you think that they will get a divorce?" I cringed at the thought of my parents splitting up. They had gotten through the worst of times together so I didn't believe that one little family quarrel would be the separate them. "I don't think so baba," I tried to reassure her.  

     Mum had left to go talk to my grandparents so that meant I was in charge of the house while she was gone. I had ordered pizza early because there wasn't anything to eat. At about 6, the doorbell rang. I told the person at the door that I would be right there. I grabbed money from my purse in case it was the pizza before running to get the door. "Hi Darcy," the man behind the door smiled. It was the guy who claimed to be my dad. "Is your Mum home?" "She is but she's busy. I can leave a message for you." "What is she doing?" "She's doing the laundry," I lied. "Well it shouldn't take her that long to do it." "You must not know my family. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish my homework."  I tried to shut the door but his foot was in the way. "If she's doing the laundry, why isn't the washer running?" "Yo D, is the food here yet?" Mason asked. "No. Go make a sandwich if you're hungry," I told him. "I thought your Mum made supper every night.." "Listen Alec, you need to get over my mum because she has been over you for a while." "Now is that anyway to talk to your dad?" I had enough at that point so I slammed the door in his face. I heard him cry out in pain then mutter some curse words. "Who was?" Mason asked with a mouth full of food. "Don't worry about it," I smiled. I texted Mum that we had a special visitor and that we were fine. 

     I stayed up until Mum came home. "Hey," she smiled to me. I just nodded because I was in a movie. "Did they behave?" "Mhm. They're in their room right now." "Why don't you head up to bed." "When's Dad coming home?" I asked. "Come on, up to bed," she urged, trying to change the subject. I did as she requested. When I got up to my room, I texted Dad good-night. I put my phone on my night stand then rested my head on my pillow. When I was almost asleep my phone went off. I reached over to see that Dad had texted me back. "Night princess. I love you so much. Sweet dreams. xx" I smiled as I placed my phone back on my night stand. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if this would be the end of my family. Would it really be over because of one argument? And if it did boil down to it, would it be my fault for pushing my parents over the edge?

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