She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


13. Facing Our Demons

     I woke up at around two for no reason. I went downstairs to find Mum looking at an old photo album. "Whatcha doin' Mum?" I asked as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Just looking at memories," she sighed. I saw her chuckle at a certain picture. "What?" I asked. "Did I ever tell you the story of one of the nights you woke up in the middle of the night?" she asked, turning back to me. I shook my head then sat next to her. "Well it was about nine at night when you woke up. I tried to talk your father into letting you alone but he said that he had to go to the bathroom so I let him go." "Then what happened?" I asked. "I heard him singing to you on the baby monitor," she said as she wiped away a tear. "Mum don't cry," I told her as I brought her in for a hug. "I feel like I'm a teenager," she laughed. "It's alright Mum," I smiled to her. "Darcy, when you find the right guy, make sure you never let him go. I almost made that mistake but thankfully, your father took me back." I felt my jaw drop. Mum had told me about her and Dad's whirlwind romance but I guess she took some parts out of it. "I didn't tell you?" I shook my head. "Do you want the story?" I nodded, biting my tongue so I wouldn't say anything sarcastic. "Well we had a fight about a rumor that was true so we took a break. We got back together I wanna say about a week after because I found out I was pregnant with you." "So you were basically forced to get back together." "Darcy," she sighed. "If you hadn't gotten back together Mum? What if you hadn't told him that you weren't pregnant? Did you think if he would still be there. Honestly Mum, if you weren't pregnant with me, I he wouldn't have gotten back with you." I don't why I wanted to give her a reality check but I thought it was necessary. "Where the hell are you getting this attitude?" she yelled. "Mum calm down holy crap." "Who do you think you are?" "Would you stop yelling at me! No wonder why Dad left! You can't let shit go!" After I said that, I got a horrible taste in my mouth. Something in Mum snapped. "Go pack your stuff, you aren't staying here anymore." "Mum please I didn't mean to!" I pleaded. "If you didn't mean then why would you say it?" I didn't say anything. "Just go," she ordered. Tears started to blur my eyes. I ran to my room before she could notice. I packed my clothes into the biggest suitcase I had. 

     It was a cold night and honestly, I was scared to be out this late. I walked to Uncle Louis' house, hoping that he would let me crash there for the night until I got shit figured out. I knocked on the door, praying that somebody would answer. "Hello?" Uncle Lou groggily answered. I gave him a tight hug and started to cry. "Shhhh. It's alright kid," he said as he rubbed my back. "Come on in. I'll make you some tea and we can talk about it if you want." I nodded as I wiped away my tears. I sat in the kitchen and waited for my tea. "You and your mum get into it?" he asked. "How did you guess?" "Well your Dad's not home so she's the only person left. What did you do this time?" "She told me about her and Dad's break. I gave her a reality check and she flipped shit." "Ali can get like that," he sighed as he handed me my tea. "Do you mind if I crash here for the night?" I asked. "Honey, you can stay for as long as you need to," Uncle Lou smiled. "Thanks," I grinned. "Do you mind crashing on the couch? The guest room's kind of a mess." "It's fine." I''ll be right back," Lou nodded. He came back shortly and told me that he was going back to bed. "If you need anything, I'm down the hall." I nodded as I headed to the sitting room. Louis' family had to be formal so they insisted on calling the living room the sitting room. It was a nice room with a couch, chairs, and a flat screen. I laid down and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned for 15 minutes before giving up. I texted Dad to see if he was awake to tell him what happened. Even though I couldn't hear his voice, I knew Dad was disappointed in me just by his wording. I apologized over and over again but I knew that it wasn't doing anything. 

     My day just dragged on. I wanted to kill anyone who said the wrong word to me. After school I saw Dad waiting in his car. I knew that he wasn't picking up my other siblings, he was just picking me up. "Hey," I said as I sat in the passenger seat. Dad just nodded. When Mason came out, Dad wildly honked the horn. While my brother ran over Dad rolled down the window. "Need a ride home?" he asked. "Sure," Mason said as he got in the backseat. "Where were you D?" "I was at Uncle Lou's." "Why?" "Mum and I got into an argument." At the elementary school, Calley looked panicked until she saw Dad's car pull in. Calley didn't need to be told to get into the car, she just  automatically knew. I was nervous to go back to the battle field. Was Mum still mad at me? Or would I ruin our relationship more? "Calm down D!" Mason yelled. When I'm nervous, I break out into hives. Once in the garage, I took calming breaths. "Ready?" Dad asked me. I nodded as I got out of the car. I followed my siblings into the house. "Mummy! Daddy and Darcy are home!" Calley cheered when she found Mum. I gave Mum a weak smile when she looked in my direction. I could see the anger she was holding in her eyes. It was the amount of hatred that no child wants to feel from their parents. "Hi Darcy," Mum finally said. "Hi." "You look nice today," she commented. "Thanks so do you." When Dad came in, the tension rose. "Hi Harry" Mum said coldly. "Ali," Dad nodded. There was a silence that filled the room for a long time. When Mason and Calley went upstairs, we started to talk. "Darcy, what you said was uncalled for," Dad said in a stern voice. "But-" "No buts!" Mum stopped me. "Not only have you disappointed me, but your father." "So what's going to happen?" I asked. "We'll have to talk about your punishment." "Now up to your room," Dad motioned. I nodded as I went upstairs. I let out a sigh of relief because my parents were on speaking terms. The downside is that I'm probably going to be grounded. But hey, you have to make sacrifice to get what they want right? 

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