She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


8. Broken Trust

      As I walked down the hall of school, people were whispering and pointing at me while others were just staring. "We need to talk NOW!" Donna demanded. "What?" I asked as I continued to my locker. "What is this that I hear that you had an abortion?" she asked in a loud whisper. "Where did you hear that?" I yelled. "Dan told Sugarscape last night." I didn't know what to feel. Should I be upset that such a false thing would be said? Or should I be pissed because he did such a thing? Tears started to sting my eyes so I ran to the bathroom. "Darcy!" Donna yelled after me. When I was in the bathroom, I went to the largest stall then started to cry. I text Mum to see if she could pick me up. "What's wrong baba?" she typed back. "Dan started a rumor about me" I replied. "I'll see what I can do." I wiped away some of my tears when I heard the door open then close. "D?" Ashley called. "Go away!" I yelled. "Darcy I know that rumor isn't true. He only did it to see you hurt. Do you want him to feel like he won?" "But it's the fact that everyone is believes it." "Well babe, this is to show who your true friends are and aren't. Now can we go, it smells in here." I laughed as I opened the door to the stall. "Let's go, we're late," she said as she grabbed my hand to pull me to first period.

     As I walked to second period, Dan stopped me. "So how are you doing babe? How's the-Oh wait," he said sarcastically. "What the hell is your problem dude?" I yelled. "I NEVER had sex with you so how the hell would I get pregnant unless I was the fricken Virgin Mary." "Oh honey don't lie to yourself." "You're the one who's lying! Not just to the school but to the whole world! I'm glad I dumped your stupid ass! You're nothing but a dick!" I shouted before storming off. "Darcy Styles to the office please. Darcy Styles to the office please," the secretary called over the loud speaker. I sighed as I walked to the office. Mum was sitting in the chairs. "You alright babe?" she asked when she saw me. "Just fine. You don't have to take me home. Ash and I talked it out,"I smiled reassuringly. "You sure?" she questioned. "Yes Mum," I whined. "Well alrighty then. I'll see you when you get home." She kissed my forehead. The rest of school was filled with the drama spreading farther and farther. "So how come I didn't know you were pregnant?" Mason asked as we walked to the elementary school to pick up Calley. "'Cause I wasn't," I said flatly. "Well not if you got an abortion," she said. "You know that I would never do that!" I snapped. "Calm your hormones," he said with his up in surrender. I rolled my eyes as I quickened my pace."Hi Darcy!' Calley smiled when she saw me waiting for her. "Hey shortie," I grinned. "Ready to go home?" I asked. She nodded as she skipped away. 

     "Harry calm down!" Mum yelled when we came home. "Calley, why don't you and Mason go to Aunt Perrie's," I suggested. "Okay," she said nervously as she grabbed her brother's hand. "I'll take your bag," I offered. She handed me her bag before leading her brother out of the house. "You honestly believe this Harry?" Mum continued. "You don't know these days Ali," he confessed. "She would have told us Harry!" Mum shouted. "Told you what?" I asked as I walked into the room as if I had just came home. "Sit down Darcy," Dad sighed. I did as he asked knowing that he was already pissed. "We saw the rumors about you," he stated. "Are they true?" he asked. "No!" I yelled. "Why would you believe that Dad?" "Well Darcy you don't know these days." "I can't believe you!" I yelled with tears in my eyes. I got up to leave the house. "Darcy!" Dad yelled. "Don't talk to me!" I shouted as I stormed out of the house. I walked down the street to Ashley's house. I walked in, announcing that I was home. "She's up stairs love," Barbra, Ash's mum called back. I nodded as I ran up the stairs. I knocked on Ash's door before I opening it. "Dad doesn't believe me!" I rushed out. "What?" she asked. "He thinks that I was actually pregnant!" "No!" she gasped. "I'm done with him. He can't be around for me and can't believe me so why should I even care about him?" "Darcy, I-" "I know what you're going to say and you honestly don't know what I'm going through right now I would like to have my Dad's support but I don't." "Well if you think is right then do it," she sighed. "Ugh but I still can't believe him! He knows me better than that."

     I stayed for a little bit longer then I went home after dinner. Mum was waiting outside for me. "We've been worried sick about you Darcy Anne!" she said, wrapping me into a tight hug. Her voice was raspy from either crying or yelling. "Are you sure Harry was?" I asked with hatred. "Darcy!" she gasped. I had never referred to my father by his first name but after what he said, I felt like he wasn't my father. "What?" I asked. "Never mind. Just go inside." I did as I was told. I went to the game room to hang out with my brother to seem him playing with Harry. "Hey princess," Dad smiled. "Hi Harry," I said flatly as I went back up. I sat in my room on my laptop because I had nothing better to do. I read the article on Sugarscape just to see what they wrote. A smile appeared when I saw all of the comments of support, saying that they knew that this was a rumor. If only Harry wasn't so thick headed so then he would see that this was just a rumor meant to bring me down. 

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