She's Not Afraid {Part of the Summer Love Series}

Little Darcy Anne Styles isn't so little any more. She's a fifteen year old girl trying to have a normal since her father is one of the five members of One Direction. Will she ever get the kind of life that she wants? (Might be smart to read Summer Love and Still the One to get a better idea of what's happening.)


4. A Little Surprise

*Darcy's P.O.V.*

     "Darcy! It's time to get up!" Calley yelled as she jumped on my bed. "What time is it?" I groaned. "5," she said. I groaned as I put my pillow over my head. "Come on Darcy! Mummy said it's time to get ready." "Give me a couple minutes," I begged. "But Mummy said now!" "Alright. Geez, calm you tits," I sighed as I sat up. Calley had a victorious smile as she skipped out of my room. I walked over to my walk-in closet to get my uniform which I couldn't find. "Mum! Where's my uni?" I yelled. "Down here. I washed it last night," she yelled back. "Well that would have been nice to know," I muttered. I put on my lucky tank top and compression shorts before running down the steps to get my uniform. Mum hung it up at the bottom of the railing where I got dressed. I saw my phone light up showing that I had a tweet. It was from Aunt Perrie. "Excited to cheer on Darcy and her team! #CongratsBaba xx" Under the tweet was a picture of Perrie, Sasha, and Mark in matching shirts with my football picture on the front with my name and number on the back. "Glad to see you guys are excited :D" I typed as I walked into the kitchen. "Here, eat this on the way," Mum rushed as she handed me a bagel. She looked in the lunchbox thing to make sure she had everything. "Alright kids let's go!" she yelled when she made sure she had everything. Waiting outside for us was a couple paparazzos. "Darcy, are you excited?" one asked. "Of course," I giggled. "Can we expect a win?" another one asked. "I can almost guarantee it," I smiled before getting in the car. 

     "Darcy! Darcy!" my grandparents cheered as I walked towards them to give them each a big hug. "How do ya feel sport?" Grandpa asked. "A bit nervous," I sighed. "You'll do fine," Gran smiled. I just shrugged. Mason and Calley came from the car with two different expressions. Mason with his usual boredom and Calley with pure excitement. "I'll see you two at the game," I smiled. I gave my grandparents another hug before heading to the bus. I sent a text to Dad to see what he was doing since he didn't text me at all. On the bus, I sat next to Nikki. We didn't talk much because we were getting into our game zones. The other girls were singing along to the radio. It was nice to see that many of my family members had tweeted me to tell me that they were excited to cheer me on but I didn't get any good luck tweets from my father or uncles which stung a bit. 

     The parking lot to the stadium was packed. Half the bus was in awe while I was pretty used to it. I got off first. Nikki and I talked while we walked in. "How do you think we're going to do?" she asked. "Pretty good I hope." "Why do you have money on us or something?" she joked. "Aye, I gotta get my money some how," I laughed. While I was warming up, a gentleman asked if I wanted a drink. I turned around to say yes but I stopped. "Daddy!" I cried as I jumped into my dad's arms. "Hi baby," he whispered. "I thought you had a concert!" "I lied," he smirked. "I hate to interrupt the reunion but someone has a game to get ready for," Mum sighed. "Good luck angel. We'll be cheering for you," he smiled as he gave me one last squeeze. "Love you Dad," I waved. "I love you more princess."

     I chugged my red Gatorade as we talked about what we needed to improve on. Right now, the game was tied. "Darc, you're on the bench for a little bit," Mum said. "But Mum!" I whined. "Keep complaining and you'll stay there for the rest of the game," she almost yelled. After that, I kept my mouth shut. As I sat on the bench, I cheered on my teammates. "You're going in for Anna," Mum told me. I nodded as I squatted in front of the table where the score keepers sat. The ref blew the whistle and signaled me in. Cheers of excitement filled the stadium. "Anna!" I yelled. As she ran past, I gave her a high five. I covered the girl who she was on. I stole the ball from the girl then ran to the goal. When I passed the last defender, it was just me and the goalie. I kicked the ball then watched it closely as everything went into slow motion. The goalie dove too early letting the ball go in. A huge smile appeared on my face as I ran back to my position. After two more goals from my team, we had one the game 3-1.

      The bus ride home was filled with the whole bus singing to the radio. Dad had texted me to tell me that he was taking the family out for dinner. Once off the bus, I ran to Dad's car. "I'm guessing you're going with your father," Mum yelled after me. I opened the door the passenger side door with a smile. "Hey there champion," he greeted. "Hi," I smiled. "How do you feel?" he asked as he started to drive. "Sore and tired," I sighed. "I know how you feel," he nodded. At the restaurant, we had a table filled with the One Direction family plus the Styles/Edwards family. "I'm proud of you kiddo," Uncle Lou smiled. "Thank you," I blushed. "Darcy?" Andy's voice called. "Hi Andy," I smiled. "Is this the same Andy you like Darcy?" Calley asked loudly causing me to blush. "No it's a different one," I lied. "But there's only one Andy in the school," Mason chimed in with an evil smirk. "So what's up Andy?" I asked trying to change the subject. "Oh just getting something to eat," he said. "Cool," I nodded. "Well it was nice talking to you," he waved. "You too," I waved back. I turned back to my family to glare at my siblings. "So, that's the boy you like," Dad smirked. "Maybe," I nervously said. "Guys, I think we should talk to this 'Andy'boy," Uncle Niall suggested. "How about no. It's bad enough that those two embarrassed me," I disapproved, glaring at my siblings.

     After that, dinner went well. Mason decided to spend the night with Mark. On the way home, I fell asleep. I dreamt about what my life would be like if Dad wasn't in One Direction. If he was just Harry Styles from Cheshire who married Alison Edwards. Would my life be simpler or would I want what I have now?

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