Lara thinks of herself as an ordinary teenager but she doesn't know she is perfect the way she is. <3


3. Plans

That day I called my dad up telling him where I was. Luckily, he was close friend with Paul, and he was retired so my dad (Brad) got the new bodyguard job, which meant I was staying with One Direction for ever! I hear my dad's Porsche park in the garage and he walked in. I jumped on him, giving him a bear hug, "I missed you, Dad" I murmur into his ear. "I missed you, too." He whispers kissing my cheek. "Lara, can I talk to you for a second?" Niall asked, with his hands in his pockets. "Sure," I answer. "I was wondering," he scratched his head, "if you'd like to maybe hang out later?" His eye squinted as if he knew that I would reject. "Of course!" I bear hug him kissing him on his cheek, with him giving Louis a thumbs up sign. "I'll make breakfast," I mutter grinning. Zayn follows me into the kitchen. "Leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you," I fold my arms and made an angry face. "Maybe we could work things out? Maybe catch a movie, or a drink, or something later?" "Sorry, I've got plans with Niall, if you want anything to say you better blurt it out," I check my manicure like a boss. 

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