Lara thinks of herself as an ordinary teenager but she doesn't know she is perfect the way she is. <3


2. In One Direction's House

Niall and I walked around the house arm hooked in arm, touring me around my *new* house. Suddenly he gently took my shoulders and made me face him. "How do you do it?" He asks as if he's hypnotized. "Do what..?" I murmur, raising my left eyebrow. "How do you make me fall in love with you?" He mutters looking at the floor. "I don't know, but.." I looked confused, and all of a sudden I popped a kiss on his cheek and as I pulled away I saw his cheeks getting redder. I guess the boys saw me and Niall. Zayn shuffled up beside me, "Aw, star struck lovers!" He said looking at me then Niall then back at me. I pinned him on the wall, "We're not star struck lowers!" I yell bearing my teeth ferociously. Zayn cupped my cheeks and planted a noisy kiss on my lips. I slap him hard and I feel the heat coming in my face and tears forming in my eyes. Niall wrapped his arm around me and walked me to the living room, where we watched a movie. The movie was a sad romance movie so.. it made me fall asleep on Niall's chest. "I brought nachos  and cheese!" Liam shouted as he came in. Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn quickly 'shhhhhh' him and point at me. Niall kissed me on the forehead and played with my hair all movie long.. I was in love with him during my fangirl life, but now I can feel it more ust being here with him in real life. 

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