Lara thinks of herself as an ordinary teenager but she doesn't know she is perfect the way she is. <3


5. "Aww, too cute."

Me and Niall lay on our backs, on his bed, as he pulled out a photo album. "And this is the day me and the mates became sensational..." He showed me a picture of them on July 23rd at the X Factor. "Aww.. too cute." I smiled as he blushed. He looked into my eyes for a long time and finally asked, "Care to go to disney land with me and the lads?" His eyes scrolled down at stared at my soft lips. I knew what he wanted. I knew I'd give if you him. I got closer to him and the wonderful smell of his cologne filled my nose, I laid my mouth on his and felt energy of sun rays burst throughout me. "Thank you, Lulu." He chuckled softly. "My pleasure." I winked at him and stuck my tongue out. I clicked the home button of my iPhone and read the time. "It's late, we should be headed home by now." I glanced into his piercing blue eyes and he nodded in approval. I stood up, straightened my varsity jacket and pulled my shorts up a notch.

~A few minutes later~

We were back in Niall's car, headed back to the flat. It was rainy today so I stared at the window and watched as the raindrops raced the "marathon" and whisper shouted "Yaaaaay, we have a winner!" I felt Niall look at me and laugh and I sat up straight. Smh* "I'm tired" I exclaim laying my head on his shoulder. He controlled the steering wheel with one hand, and groomed my brown hair with the other. "Please.. don't let Zayn get me.. I need you Nialler.." I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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