Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


17. Chapter17

"Niall!" Put it back! You don't need it!" Zayn yelled down the aisle in Morrisons as Niall picked up ridiculous amounts of food that were no use for us and our picnic.

"B-but... They're tasty!" Niall argued back.

"No! They need cooking which we can't do Ni!" Zayn refused.

"Oh yeah!" Niall's Irish accent brightened once he realised what he was asking for was pointless.

We'd grabbed a few random bits for our picnic, sandwiches, crisps, drinks, chocolate, and now we were just following Niall around trying to keep him under control.

"Come on bro! Let's go pay already!" Harry whined. I smiled as he called Niall bro, their friendship becoming stronger.

"Aw no, let him have his fun." I shushed Harry putting my hand on his upper arm.

"Fine. 2 more minutes." He huffed.

We finally got round to paying, a friend from college Joanna behind the till we approached.

"Hey Jo!" I greeted her as we unloaded our basket onto the conveyer belt. 

"Hiya Em! Hey Lou!" She smiled.

Louis falsely smiled in response, he never really liked Jo, found her annoying apparently, which she can be at times. 

I chose not to introduce the others, not because of rudeness, but because I knew that boot camp was yet to be aired on tv and I didn't want to tell a secret that wasn't mine. Jo simply smiled at the other 4 boys and started scanning our items.

"That's £14.70 please." Jo told us after the last item was scanned. 

I started pulling a note out of my bag when a hand stopped me.

"No. Let me!" Liam insisted.

"What? No don't be silly!" I protested.

"What kind of a gentlemen would I be if I made you pay!" He joked winking at me before handing Jo a £10 note. She handed him back his change as Niall and I grabbed a carrier bag of food each. Jo and I exchanged our goodbyes before we all headed out of the supermarket.

"Thanks, Liam." That was really nice of you to pay.

"Oh it was nothing." He brushed off. "But why the hell are you carrying a bag? Here let me." He went to take the bag from my hold but before he could I swung it out the way so he missed. 

"No," I argued, "you paid! The least I can do is a carry the bag." I smiled and nudged my shoulder into his upper arm, not being tall enough to reach his shoulder.

"You're a cutie." He said and winked at me. I giggled shyly and bowing my head to conceal my face.

"Are we nearly there yet? I'm starving!" Niall questioned like a child. 

"It's just round the corner!" Louis informed him mainly but also letting the other boys know we were close.

"Oh good!" Niall's face lightened up at the new information.

"I still can't believe we bought this much food! We won't even get half way through!" I exclaimed, lifting the bag I held slightly.

"Oh honey! Trust me, it will all be gone! You have no idea how much Niall eats! It's mental!" Zayn chuckled at my lack of knowledge.

Niall just turned around with a proud smile on his face causing me to giggle at his reaction.

"Ok then, it better be all gone!" I laughed.

"It will." The blonde haired boy chirped.

"Finally!" Harry bellowed jogging up to park entrance, the rest of us trailing behind.

We walked across the huge expanse of grass before settling at a spot beside the pond which was attached to the river. All the food was opened and passed around before being placed in the middle of the circle we were sat in. I was sat cross legged next to Liam and Niall, directly opposite me was Louis, In between him and Niall was Harry and Zayn sat on the other side of Liam.

"You know, you all know so much about each other, and I know nothing about any of you, apart from Louis of course. It feels like I've known you so much longer though!" I spoke up.

"Well what do you want to know?" Liam questioned.

"I don't know." I answered truthfully. My mind was blank, how do you get to know someone? I decided to go for the 20 questions style interrogation. "Do any of you have any siblings?" 

"I've got two older sisters, Ruth and Nicola." Liam started.

"I've got Greg, my older brother." Niall informed me.

"Older sister called Gemma." Harry said in turn. 

"I've got 4 sisters " Louis started, "wait you know this!" He chuckles to himself.

"Twat," Zayn laughs at Lou, "I've got 3 sisters, Doniya, Safaa and Waliyha." He concludes.

"What about you?" Liam asks. "Any brothers or sisters?" He looks at me intrigued. 

"Yeah actually, two brothers, older one called Paul and a younger one called Will."

"Oh cool!" Liam exclaims.

"Okay, Birthdays?" I prompt looking back at Niall.

"13th of September."

"1st of Feb." Harry tells me after Niall.

"24th of December." Louis winks at me which I return with a jokey scowl.

"12th of January." Zayn nods towards Liam after answering question.

" I'm 29th of August." Liam adds.

"9th of December." I conclude.

"Okay, this feels way too structured!" Louis interrupts by almost interrogation.

"Yeah I kind of agree actually." I laugh in return.

The other boys chuckle and Niall shoves another doughnut in his mouth.

"How can you be in such good shape and still it so much!?" I tease Niall, poking his doughnut filled cheek. He almost spits it out but swallows it down before he makes the mess.

"High metabolism and a lot of running around causing trouble." He winks at me.

I giggle at Niall and take a bite out of my own doughnut. "I envy you Mr. Horan." 

We all slide into conversation with eachother, slowly demolishing all of the food. 

"I'm still very impressed we managed to eat all of this crap!" I state, gesturing to the array of rubbish.

"Help me take this to the bin?" Liam asks me as he starts collected up the litter.

"Sure." I agree picking up a few empty wrappers and put them in the carrier bag Liam is holding.

"We gather up the rest of the packaging with help from the other boys who are also making a game out of it by throwing it at each other getting crumbs all over themselves.

Me and Liam stoll over to the bin, each carrying a bag of the rubbish. 

"I've had a really nice afternoon today Em. Thanks." He says turning his face to look me in the eye.

"Yeah me too. Thank you for coming." I reply. I really have had such an amazing day. It has been so fun hanging out with the boy's. I feel so close to them already. I know that Lou is so happy with them and he is so excited about going to the judges houses. 



We say at the same time. 

"You first." I prompt Liam.

"I was just wandering, erm, has anything ever happened between you and Louis? Like a relationship? You don't have to answer." I can hear the apprehension in his voice as we stand to face each other once we reach the bin.

"No!" I laugh. "Louis is like a brother to me, a twin kind of. We've never had that awkward best friend liking each other phase." I laugh again. Liam doesn't laugh back though. "Why'd you ask?" 

"I'm not sure really, it's kind of been bugging me. I guess... I..." He stutters. "Erm, ok, basically, I was wandering if I could take you out. Like on a date or something." Liam's proposal catches me off guard. My eyes widen and a smile breaks out on my face.

"Oh!" I say shocked. "I'm not going to lie, I really wasn't expecting that." I feel my cheeks redden and I turn to look away.

"If you don't want to that's fine." Liam breaks my thoughts. 

"No no! That would be really nice." I turn back to look at him.


"Erm yeah." I nervously reply.

"Wow! What do you wanna do? When do you wanna?" He laughs at his own eagerness. "Sorry." He quietly apologises.

"You choose. Surprise me." I tell him.

"Ok, well how about tomorrow night? We better do it whilst I'm here, I'll be going to judges houses soon." He suggests.

I look over towards the others who are standing up getting ready to go now that the wind is picking up and it's slowly getting darker.

"Sure." I turn back to face him. 

"I'll think of something then and I'll text you what time then?" He suggests.

"Yeah ok." I tell him with a huge smile on my face.

"We should probably head back over there." He nods his head in the direction of his four bandmates. 

"Yeah okay." 

The walk back is mostly silent, but a comfortable one. It's taken him to ask me on a date to realise that I I actually felt something towards Liam, granted it's small, but hey we've barely just met!

"Hey!" Louis greets me as we rejoin the group.

"Hi" I smile at him. 

"Do you wanna come back to mine with us for a bit? Mum and the girls have gone to stay with Gran for the night." He asks placing an arm round my shoulders.

"Yeah I'd love to!" I exclaim.

"Good! Let's go then! I'm getting freezing!"

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