Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


8. Chapter 8


I got home at around 9:30. Becky and I had decided to go back to her house for a bit when the bus had dropped us off. I closed my front door and stood in the doorway of the lounge and said hello to mum who was watching tv with Billy and my dog, Barnie. I backed up out the doorway and went up the stairs towards my room. I walked in shut the door behind me and dropped on to my bed letting the shopping bags I held in my hand fall to the floor. I wasn't tired, my feet just hurt, a lot. I sat up picking up my iPad from next to my pillow. I few subscription updates on twitter, tweets from some of my favourite people I follow, a few snapchats and a kik. I ignored the tweets and opened all of the others ignoring all but one snapchat from a friend from school. I didn't really had much to do, so I opted to try on some of the clothes I'd bought today. A couple of dresses, leggings, a skirt and a few t-shirts.

I was stood I front of my mirror swishing the skirt of a green khaki skater dress around my legs. It came down to mid thigh, had a lowish neckline and had short sleeves, it was a plain dress but I loved it. My phone vibrated on my bed I reached over unlocking it as a stood back up with it in my hand. I opened the text oblivious of who had text me. I froze as I read it in my head and looking at who had sent it, an unknown number.

"Nice dress" was all it said.

I held the phone close to my chest and felt goosebumps start to come up on my skin. Somebody has been watching me. But who? I was in my room! I turned around quickly looking out the window checking both ways. Nobody was out there, no cars, nothing. I quickly yanked the curtain closed blocking whoever it was out. My phone vibrated again in my hand. I was hesitant to look at it but did anyway, I couldn't ignore it. I sighed I  relief when I realised it was from Louis. 

"Hey babe, you ok?x"

I wasn't sure what to reply, should I tell him about the text? Or should I pretend everything's fine and save him the worry? I opted for the first choice and quickly text him back.

"Hey, yes thanks, you?x" I pressed send and turned to sit on my bed placing my phone on my lap.

Who was it? And why the hell were they watching me? I shook it off, hoping they would stop now I've closed the curtains and blocked them out. It vibrated again so I slid my finger across the screen unlocking it and opened the text thinking automatically it would be from Lou. It wasn't, unknown number again.

"Come out and meet me then?" It said.

I initially thought "Don't be so stupid! Do not go out there!" But then I realised, how bad could it be? I obviously won't go anywhere but outside my house, there is a window separating my and mum so I will be fine!

I pulled on my cropped leather jacket that was hung on the back of the door as it was the closest thing to grab, slipped on my converse and made my way downstairs, phone in hand. 

"I'm just going out front to speak to a friend for a minute mum, I'll be back in a minute." I lied as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. 

"Ok" was all she replied. I stood in front of the front door and stopped just as my phone vibrated. I made sure to check who it was from this time so I don't get too much of a shock. It was Louis,

"You up to much?x" 

"No not really x" I quickly typed and shoved my phone in the zip up pocket of my jacket.

I took a deep breath as I reached for the door handle, opened it and walked out closing it behind me. I walked down across the grass on my front garden and stood in the gateway looking up and down the road. I could see a male figure stood down the road leaning up against a wall, lit up a little by the street lamps. He was looking in my direction and I don't think he had seen me, so I quickly grabbed my phone and replied to his last text.

"I'm outside my house." I put, indicating for him to come over.

I watched as he pulled out his phone, looking at it for a couple of seconds before putting it back away and turning to look at me. He pushed off the wall and started walking towards me. A shiver ran down my spine, I was nervous, but curious at the same time. He was getting closer so I stepped out of the gateway and onto the path and faced him.

"Who are you?"

I said quickly before he reached me in a blunt tone.

"Sorry, I'm Josh." He replied stopping about a metre in front of me.

 He too wore a leather jacket, a black zip up hoodie, a baggy low cut striped blue and white top underneath and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. His hood was up, sat on top of his quiff. He was bloody gorgeous. I realised I had been staring at him for too long and felt my cheeks turn pink. I prayed he wouldn't notice as it was quite dark out. 

"You gonna tell me your name?" He said with a smile on his face breaking the silence.

"Erm yeah, it's Emily. How did you get my number? And how do you know where I live?!" I added quickly.

He laughed a little before he responded. "I saw you in town today, you looked amazing. When I saw you'd split up from your other friends I decided to try and get your number and address out of them. They gave it away far too easily." He explained laughing a little again.

"Oh my god. Josie" I said under my breath. "Wait! And you were watching me!" I added.

He laughed again, he was finding this way too funny. "Oh yeah that. The dress really does look great by the way." He said stepping forward a bit reaching out and pinched the material between his fingers. He grazed his knuckle gently against my skin my accident and I felt goosebumps form where he'd touched. I didn't swat him away. I don't know why, I just didn't, there was something about him I really liked. I know it was wrong, but I wasn't going to lie.

"Why didn't you just ask me for my number?" I questioned as I looked back up at him from where his hand was.

"Where's the fun in that?" He said winking at me. I smiled in response and turned to look away. He stepped a little closer, I didn't move away, I liked his presence. 

"So" he said, almost in a whisper, "you got a boyfriend?" 

"No," I replied, "you got a girlfriend?" 

"No, I wouldn't be here right now if I did." He said smiling. He'd let go of my dress now and he moved his hand to rest on my waist. He was getting closer without me realising, our feet were almost touching he was that close. 

"Why are you here?" I asked

"I wanted to see you again. I was know if i text you, you wouldn't want to see me or speak to me. So I had to come."

"And spying on me is the best way for me to want to see you again?" I scoffed.

"Well you were standing in your window, I couldn't help but watch." He winked at me again. I looked at the ground embarrassed. I heard him laugh a little again.

"This is weird." I finally came out with looking at him again.

"Yeah, I guess." He replied smiling.

Josh's hand was still on my waist, and he slowly moved his other hand forward to hold mine. 

"I never normally do this you know. You should feel special." He whispered, he was so close I could feel his breath on my face.

I didn't reply, but I looked into his eyes. He was staring back at me, and we stood in silence. A comfortable though. 

"I should go in. I told my mum I would only be a minute." 

He moved closer yet again, "Don't go. Come for a walk?" His breath was warm against my ear. He gently placed a kiss on my cheek as he pulled away to look at me. 

"I don't ..." 

"I'm not going to hurt you Emily. Promise." He interrupted. 

"Erm, ok, let me just tell my mum." He smiled at me and i smiled back. I stepped back and ran in back through the gateway across the grass and opened the front door. 

"I'll be back later mum, just going for a walk." I yelled from the door way. I didn't wait for her response before I slammed the door shut and walked back towards Josh who was stood by the gate waiting and smiling. 

"Let's go." He said, holding out his right hand signalling me to hold it. I took it and walked next to him down the street. I wasn't worried. There was something about Josh that made me trust him. I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. He was, nice.


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