Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


7. Chapter 7

Four weeks had passed since Louis' successful audition. He had been counting down the days until boot camp started, 2 days left. I was going to miss him soo much. He'd only be gone a few days, but we see each other practically every day. It's going to be weird not seeing him. 

It's Saturday morning, Lou is at football training. I'm meant to be going out in a few hours with some girls from school, we are just going into town to look round the shops. I needed to go and get the bus in an hour, but I'm still sat here in my grey, cotton, Nike joggers and white vest top on my bed refreshing my twitter page repeatedly. 

"Can't wait to meet up with my girls in a bit! Loads to talk about;)" a tweet said, I looked at who had written it, Josie. Jose is one of my friends. She gets on my nerves A LOT, but she is nice and we do have a laugh. I favourited the tweet before refreshing the page once more. A interaction popped up, a tweet from Becky, my closes girl friend. 

"What time we meeting at the bus stop again?xox"

I clicked reply and typed out the tweet. "12:15, St. George's St. Bus stop, yeah?xox" 

I sent the tweet and locked my iPad. A leaned back against the cushions on my back and sighed. I couldn't really be bothered, but I hadn't spent much time with this lot for a while,so I knew I couldn't bail. My legs swung over the side of the bed and I stood up, wriggling my toes in the fluffy rug beside my bed. I sat in front of my mirror and put on my make up. I pulled on a pair of black, cropped leggings and a navy baggy tee with rolled up sleeves and slipped my feet into my black and white converse. I grabbed my small black bag, phone and purse and headed for the door. 

Downstairs was quiet.

"Mum?! Mum you here?" No reply. "Fred, Bill?" I yelled for my brothers. No reply again. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen. My dog Barnie, a red boxer trotted over to me and pawed my leg. "Hi baby." I said scratching behind his ear, where's mummy eh?" I asked knowing there would be no reply. "I gotta go out in a minute babes, you be a good boy until mummy gets home ok?" I topped up his bowl with fresh water and gave him a chewy from the cupboard to keep him quite for a bit. I checked the time on my Marc Jacobs leather strapped watch and I noticed I only had 15 minutes until I was meeting Becky. I grasped my black zip up hoodie from hanging on the kitchen door, waved goodbye to Barnie and walked out if the front door.


"Hiya babe!" Becky yelled a few feet away from me.

"Hi, sorry I'm late, wasn't even dressed when you tweeted me!" I told her wrapping my arm around her.

"Haha, that's ok. Typical Emily, eh?" She replied winking at me.

"Oi!" I shuvved her shoulder lightly laughing. "What time's the bus getting here again?" 

"Should be here in exactly 2 minutes." She told me picking up my wrist and looking at my watch. "I love this! Why haven't I seen it before, it's gorgeous!"

"Haha, thanks, it's new, ish, haven't had the guts to wear it out yet, don't want to lose it." I told her as we both admired my wrist wear.

"Oh hey, the bus is early!" Becky said pointing over my shoulder. We ran over to the bus shelter and stuck our arms out giggling. It pulled up in front of us and the doors slammed open.

"Return to town centre please." I told the bus driver as I pulled coins out my purse.

"£2.50 please" he said tapping buttons on his till thing. I placed the coins in the tray, grabbed my ticket and moved towards the stairs of the bus.

"Same as her please, return to the town centre please." Becky repeated.

"£2.50 again then please." He said following the same procedure as he did with me. Becky copied my actions and walked towards me with her ticket in hand. We stumbled up the stairs as the bus driver pulled away as we were only half way up. We laughed and pulled our selves down the empty top deck and sat on the back row.

The journey wasn't long, around 20 minutes to half an hour, we picked up Josie, Lauren and Shelley on our way into the town stopping at various places along the way.

We jumped off the bus, thanking the driver as we did and walked off towards the shops.

"So, Emily, how's Louis?" Josie asked giggling as she nudged Lauren.

"Erm, he's good thanks." I told her, confused at her question. "Why?"

"No reason, no reason." She said, giggling again.

"Ok then." I said diverting my attention back to Shelley and Becks. 

"Jose thinks he's hot!" Lauren butted in. Josie whacked Lauren lightly on her arm but giggled again.

"Oh, that's nice." I said sarcastically focusing back on the others.

We went into River Island first, browsing the rails.

"I love this," Josie said, lifting a short tight dress up to her body' "maybe I could get it for my party  tomorrow night, I want a new dress for it, hate the one I've already got."

"Yeah that's really nice!" I told her, nodding at her. "How much is it?"

"Oh my god! It's only £40!" She said looking at the label.

"That's amazing! You should definitely get it!" Becky told her, the rest of us nodding in agreement. She hooked it over her arm and we continued browsing the shelves and rails. It is Josie's birthday tomorrow and she is having a house party, she has no idea how many people are coming, she told friends to invite friends, which is going to end up badly.

"So, now Louis is probably going to be famous and on tv and everything now. I was thinking of inviting him to the party. I know it's short notice, but I figured you could persuade him to come Emily, maybe even be my date?" She asked as if it were nothing.

"Sorry? What?" I asked wandering if I actually heard her right. "You want me to persuade my best friend to be, used, by you? You want him because he's on the X-Factor?!" I said raising my voice a little.

"Erm, I suppose you could say that." She replied turning to face me.

"NO!" I yelled in disgust. "I'm going home." I said, replacing the leggings I was holding back on the rail and walking out the shop.

"Emily! Emily! Wait a second!" Becky yelled chasing after me. "We only just got here," she said reaching my side, "lets just me and you just go around. We haven't spent much time together recently."

I stopped walking, turned to face her and smiled, "Thanks Becks." I said. "Where to?"

"Topshop?" She suggested.

"Yeah sure." I said linking her arm in mine.

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