Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


4. Chapter 4

"How you feeling?" I asked Lou as he walked round the car towards me.

"Nervous." He replied. I grabbed his hand and squeezed comforting him. He smiled down at me in return kissing the top of my head.

"Come on you pair." Jay said walking towards the building and long queues. We followed keeping. Few steps behind. There was people everywhere. It was just so crowded.we almost lost Jay and Lotte a few times, but we always got back to them in the end.

Once we had signed Lou in, we found a few seats in the waiting room. Louis stayed silent all morning. I could tell he was getting really scared now. I moved closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. 

"Don't worry Lou. I believe in you. I know you can do it." I whispered into his sleeve. He never said anything in reply but he wrapped his arm around my back so my head was now leaning on his ribs. His head was rested on mine as I played with the hem of his t-shirt just waiting for his name to be called.


"Number 115204!" A women shouted through a megaphone on the other side of the room. I felt Louis' body stiffen and I glanced down at the sticker stuck to his t-shirt. 115204. It was his turn. I stood up offering Louis my hand. He took it and stood up next to me. 

We followed the women from before down the corridor. She stopped outside some double doors. 

"Just through here." She said gesturing towards the door. "When you're ready." She added.
 Louis turned to face me our bodies close. I looked up at him. He had his eyes closed so I placed a delicate kiss on his cheek. His eyes fluttered open and pulled me into a hug. He squeezed tightly around my neck. I squeezed back around his waist and whispered "You can do it Lou." Into his ear. He released me from the hug and stepped back. "Thanks Em." Was all he said. He smiled at his mum and Lotte before walking over to the double doors. He paused for a second before opening them and walking through and within 2 seconds the doors were closed and he was gone. All at the same time, Jay, Lotte and I ran over to the door pressing our ear against the crack in between them. It was no good. We could hear nothing. All we could do now was wait. 

The wait seemed like hours. We were all getting inpatient. And the we heard footsteps on the other side of the door, running quickly in our direction. We all stepped back, gripping each others hands. "Oh my god." Jay said under her breath. The doors burst open and Lou ran out.

"IM THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!" He screamed moving closer to me wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me off the ground and spinning me round int he air. 

We all screamed, Jay and Lotte jumping up and down as Lou proceeded to spin me around. I gripped onto his t-shirt, face buried into the crook of his neck. I could feel tears about to spill out of my eyes and down y cheeks, but I didn't care, Lou did it! I knew he could.
 He eventually put me down and let go of me. He stared at me for a minute and wiped my tears away.

"I'm so proud of you." I told him giving him one more quick hug. He kissed the top of my head and let go giving me one last smile before moving onto his mum. He wrapped her in a hug and she started bawling her eyes out in his arms. I pulled Lotte towards me, wrapping my arm around her whilst Lou held Jay. Lotte couldn't resist it much longer and joined in with their hug. I stood and watched as Lou accepted Lotte into the hug wrapping his arm around her back. He caught my eye briefly and winked at me, making me giggle.

Eventually Jay pulled herself together and disconnected herself from the hug. Lou rubbed Lotte's back and she too moved away.

"Come on. Lets go home, it's getting late. Stay over tonight Em?" Louis said as he started walking in the opposite direction from the room he had just exited.

"Sure." I replied wrapping my arm around Lou's waist walking down the corridor back the way we came. Lou wrapped his arm around my shoulders, his other around his mum, and Lotte walked next to me, so I pulled her closer wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

We all had huge toothy smiles on our faces walking side by side. I knew Lou could do it. He was too good not to have done! 

It wasn't so busy anymore as we exited the building through the glass automatic doors. There weren't as many people outside, it was quite quiet actually. We all walked towards where the car was parked, arms still wrapped around each other.

"I'm so proud of you baby." Jay said to Lou breaking the silence.

"Thanks mum." He replied, tightening his grip pulling her closer so he could kiss the top of her head as she too was quite a bit smaller than him.

We eventually reached the car. Jay and Lotte climbed in the front again, and me and Louis in the back. I decided to sit in the middle of the seat this time so I could snuggle up to Lou. It was getting late, we were all pretty tired. Louis sat at an angle slightly so he was partly leaning against the door too so I could lean on him better. My head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around my back. The radio was on I the background quietly. I could feel my eyes getting heavy. Louis gently rested his chin on mine. I closed my eyes, and within a couple of minutes, I was asleep.

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