Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off just centremetres away from my face. I hit the snooze button, wanting just a few more minutes in bed. And then it clicked! Today's Saturday! Lou's audition! I shot up and out of bed running down the stairs to stick the kettle on. I ran back upstairs whilst waiting for the water to boil grabbing my phone and dialling Louis' number.

"Hello." A tired groggy voice answered from the other end of the call.

"Lou! Get up! You have your audition today!" I yelled down the phone whilst spooning in the coffee and sugar into my favourite mug Louis bought me a while ago.

"Yeah, we have hours yet!" He told me, his voice an indication that he was waking up. 

"Come on! Get up, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever takes your fancy and get ready!" 

"Ok ok!" He said.

"Good lad!" I giggled hanging up the phone. The kettle had finished so I poured the water into my mug giving it a quick stir and adding a dash of milk before going back up to my room to get ready.

I opened my wardrobe trying to decide what I should wear. I didn't want to take the limelight off of Lou, so nothing to fancy, but I have to look nice! I pulled out my black skater dress that had brown polka dots on it. 

"Yep, that'll do." I told myself before digging out my brown scarf, black tights and my black blazer. I hung them all on the hanger with the dress before finishing the last of my coffee. I walked over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I locked the door, chucked my towel down by the side of the tub and stepped into the bath chucking my pyjamas in the washing basket.

Once I finished in the shower, I slipped into my chosen outfit and applied my makeup: foundation, concealer, powder, fill in my brows, mascara, and a tad of bronzer. My hair was dripping wet, so I squeezed the excess water out with my towel and rubbed in my anti frizz. I never do anything much with my hair, I decided to go for my usual high pony tail again today. And I was done. I glanced over at my wall clock, 12:30. I am walking to Lou's by 1. So I still had half an hour to kill. I pulled on my brown leather flat boots and went down stairs. Mum had to go out, so I wouldn't see her till after I get back tonight. The house was empty. Both my brothers at football. I pulled my phone out my blazer pocket and typed in a text to Louis. 

"I'm coming over now, ok?" It read. 

I pressed send, and sat waiting for a reply. Seconds passed when my phone vibrated in my hand. A text.

From: Louis

"Sure! Excited?!" 

Before replying I stood up from the sofa and made my way out the front door.

My fingers moved quickly across the screen typing a reply to Lou.

"YES! Nervous?!"

The message sent just as I turned the corner onto Louis' road. I could see him peering out of his bedroom window on the first floor.

My phone vibrated again and I opened up the text.

"YES! Let yourself in, mum just nipped to the shops. I'm in my room:*"

I slipped my phone back in my pocket and skipped up his front path opening the green door. Once inside I closed the door quietly behind me and slipped off my shoes leaving them tidily in the hall. 

"Hey!" Lou's voice called from up the stairs.

"Hi!" I replied walking down the landing towards his room.

I walked I'm and saw him standing watching out the window still.

"What ya doing?" I asked curiously. I stood next to him leaning on the window sill trying to spot what he was looking at. Nothing.

"You know, today could change my whole life. And I don't know in which ways." He told me, eyes stayed staring out the front of his house. I moved closer to him, wrapping my arms around his waist. 

"For better." I whispered into his side, my voice muffled even more by his t-shirt my face was buried into. 

Lou placed his arm round my shoulders, pulling me closer. "And you will always be a part of my life Miss Cox. A huge part. A part that will come with me through everything! I promise."

I needn't reply to that. I just smiled up at him, as a gesture of accepting what he had just told me. Just that moment, Louis' mums car pulled up outside and honked. 

"Come on!" I said, "Your destiny awaits you sir!" I joked, pulling him out of his room, down the stairs and out the front door towards his mums car. We both climbed into the back seats so we could sit with each other on the long journey to Manchester.

"Hi Emily." Jay, Louis' mum said, smiling at me through her rear view mirror. Her real names Joanne, but everyone calls her Jay.

"Hey." I said, smiling back. 

"We just need to pick up Charlotte from her friends house and we can go. Nervous baby?" She asked diverting her attention to Lou. Charlotte is one of Louis' sisters, she is the oldest, and adorable. 

"Just a bit." Lou replied to his mum. I reached over to where Louis' hand was rested on his lap, taking it in mine and squeezing in comfort. He looked at our hands, then at me. I nodded at him, stating everything will be ok. He smiled in return. We were yet to start driving, which was a bit of a hint that Jay was watching me and Lou. I felt my cheeks turn pink, so turned to look out the window, not letting go of Louis' hand. I heard him chuckle a little at my embarrassment. 

The engine started and we were off down the road. In a few hours, Lou's life and future could change so much. I have so much faith in him, and I know he is going to smash it!

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