Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


18. Chapter 18

"What movie? I've got loads." Louis asks us all as we arrange ourselves on the sofas opposite the TV. I ended up sitting next to Liam again. He is sat in between me and Zayn and Niall managed to claim the armchair first leaving Harry to sit with his back against the sofa on the floor.

"Nothing scary!" I tell them all before anyone can put any suggestions in.

"Aw is someone scared?" Niall coos mockingly whilst reaching across the gap in between our seats to poke my arm.

"Yes! I hate them!" I admit.

"Aw that's ok, you can cuddle up to me if you get scared." Liam whispers to me so nobody else can hear. I gently smack his arm as he laughs at my response.

"Come on stick a horror on then!" Liam instructs.

"Sure that's ok Em?" Louis looks to me along with the others who are smirking at me.

"Fine!" I give in. Liam chuckles next to me and I pull me knees up to rest my chin on creating a barrier from the screen.

Louis picks his favourite horror and puts it into the machine before taking his seat on the floor in front of Zayn and next to Harry. The first 45 minutes of the film were fine, slightly jumpy but nothing too frightening. But as soon as the terrible part came on, without even a thought a pulled my hands up to cover my face and turned into Liam's chest. I couldn't bare to look up and be faced with the horrifying film again so I ended up in that same position for the remainder of the film. It wasn't until it had finished that I realised Liam's hand was wrapped around my back whilst I had buried my face into his side. He rubbed my back in comfort and whispered "Em it's finished." I pulled back and looked up at him.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

"What for?"

"I'm not sure." I looked away and noticed that the Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry had all fell asleep. I pressed the home button on my phone causing my to squint at the brightness. When my eyes had adjusted I read the time, 11:24. That explains the darkness. I quickly text my mum to inform her I'd just spend the night at Louis' house as it was late and locked my phone again.

I looked back up at Liam who was watching me intently. 

"You should get some sleep. It's getting late." He told me, and before I could stop my self I was leaning back into Liam as he wrapped his arm around me once again.

"Thank you." I whispered into his black t-shirt before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.


I wake up to the sound of pans clattering.

"Shit.!" I hear Niall say coming from the kitchen.

I looked down and frowned into the pillow I was latched on to. I thought I fell asleep on Liam. I noticed Zayn was still asleep next to me on the sofa and nobody else was in the room but us.

"Morning." Louis' voice startles me from the door way.


"Niall insisted on making breakfast, you probably guessed by all the noise." He chuckles to himself.

"Yeah." I smile whilst pulling myself to sit up properly. "Where is everyone else?"

"Harry is upstairs crashed out on my bed and Liam is supervising Niall."

"Oh." Is all I can think to say.

Louis came and sat down on the arm of the sofa facing me with his feet on the cushion I was sat on.

"Liam told me about tonight."

"Oh." I say again.

"I just wanted you to know that I'm cool with it. You can date who you want. I just don't want you two to get complicated ok?" He winks. I know he is mainly joking, but there is some sincerity about the situation which I understand. They are in a band together, and me and Lou will always be close and complications would make it awkward between him and Liam. "And I don't you to get hurt because then I'll have to hurt him." Now that was him joking. I giggle look over at Zayn who is still sleeping. 

"Thanks Lou." I wrap my arms around his neck and sit up on my knees to hug him properly.

"Come on, breakfast is almost ready." He informs me after pulling away and grabbing my hand. He drags me through to the kitchen where Niall is frying some bacon and Liam is sat on one of the bar stools watching him.

"Wow it smells great!" I compliment Niall.

"I know!" He responds.

"Morning." Liam greets me.

"Morning." I smile whilst taking a seat on the bar stool next to him.

"Sleep well?" He asks me and winks making sure the others don't see.

"Yes actually." I respond winking back at him.

"I'll go get Zayn and Haz up. Don't want them to miss this breakfast!" Louis says before leaving the room to drag the others in here.

Niall started dishing up all of the breakfast components - bacon, eggs, beans, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes and sausages. He really did go all out.

"Wow! Niall, you really have done this properly!" I exclaim.

"It's the only way it should be done!" He reasoned.

"We've had one of these every morning we've been together." Liam informs me. "I don't think I'll ever get bored of them." 

"I don't think anyone could!" Niall chirps.

Zayn stumbles through the doorway with no shirt on and rubbing his eyes.

"Morning." I giggle at his sleepiness and I also can't help but glance at and admire his shirtless body.

"Hmm, morning." He replies,I can't help but focus on his clear Bradford accent, it's great and I love it.

Zayn takes a seat at the dining table and I move from the bad stool to sit next to him. Liam following and sitting opposite me on the rectangular wooden table.

"Come on Haz!" I hear Louis's voice coming from the hallway. Harry soon dawdles in being pushed along by Louis. 

"I'm going I'm going." Harry says hitting Louis' hands away. He sits down at the table next to Liam and opposite Zayn whilst Louis takes a seat on the other side of Liam.

"You know if you guys are so tired I'm guessing you'll wanna go back to bed?" Liam questions with a smirk on his face. I can't help but wander what he's up to.

Harry and Zayn both mutter a "yes" before Liam continues.

"Oh ok." Liam shrugs. "I guess it'll just be me, Niall, Lou and Em who go to the dog racing today then?" He looks at Louis who is also smirking at the two lads sat with their heads flat on the table and eyes shut.

A huge smile spreads across my face as I beam at Louis and Harry. It took a few seconds for what Liam had said to process in the sleepy mind of theirs but as soon as it did Zayns head shot up to glare at Liam.

"The races! Yes I'm going!" 

"Are you kidding?" Harry joins in, him too glaring at Liam sat next to him.

"When did you sort this out?" I ask still beaming.

"Yesterday." Louis told me.

"I love the races!" Zayn exclaimed.

"Did Niall know too?" Harry asked.

"Yes I did. Breakfast is up." Niall pops in carrying two plates of food and placing them in front of Me and Zayn.

"Cheers Ni! And I can't believe this! I'm so excited!" Zayn says.

"Me too! Thank you Niall! What time is it?" I ask as I pick up my knife and fork.

"1 o'clock." Liam tells us.

"And whats the time now?" Harry questions while Niall places a steaming hot plate of food in front of him and Liam.

"11." Louis says looking at the screen of his phone before looking it again.

"Shit! Are you kidding!? I have to get ready!" I yell.

I quickly start eating my breakfast so I can get home and get ready.

"Woah slow down there!" Niall warns. He sat down next to me handing Louis his meal and putting his own on the table. "You'll get yourself indigestion if you eat it that quick. Trust me I know!"

"Good point, thanks." I slow down my pace a bit, but still go quick enough.

Once I finished eating I quickly stood up and carried my empty plate over to the sink. 

"Thanks Niall that was so good! I compliment.

"No problem!" He replied shovelling another forkful into his mouth. Nialls plate was nearly cleared, the others still fighting the mound of food they had put in front of them.

"I really gotta go! I have to get ready! Come and get me at 1 then?" I suggest whilst pulling my shoes back on as I slept in my clothes the night before because it wasn't the plan to fall asleep mid film.

"Yeah course! See ya later!" Louis said in between mouthfuls.

"Bye!" I yelled before closing the front door and jogging round the corner to my house.

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