Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


15. Chapter 15

We all spilled out of the mini bus taxi we managed to find and made our way to the entrance of Nando's. I'd mentioned to Louis on the ride here how my taxi driver earlier had told me to tell him well done. We all got to know each other more, especially the boys themselves. They would spend so much time with each other from now on and needed to get to know each other before they left for judges houses. They were all still clueless about who would be their mentor and where they would be jetting off to, but not one of them cared because they were through to the next round. A stones throw away from the live shows!

We walked into Nando's, Harry and Niall leading the way. Me and Liam walked behind them, and Louis and Zayn walked behind us. 

"Just the 6 of you?" The girl maybe a year or two older than me asked as we entered.

"Yes please." Niall told her, his Irish accent catching her attention as it did with me.

"Ok, just this way then." She led us to a big round table and gave us all menus. I was sat in between Liam and Harry. Lou was sat on the other side of Liam, and next to Zayn who was sat next Niall who was on the other side of Harry.

"Thank you." Niall said as she walked away.

We all sat discussing the menu and what we were going to have for a few minutes.

"What you having Em?" Liam asked. I loved the way he called me Em, made it seem like we had known each other longer than we actually had.

"Double breast wrap of course. Mango and lime with pineapple!" I told him.

"Good choice! I am actually going to do the same, but I'm gonna go for hot." He replied winking.

"Alright show off." I said as a pushed him with my shoulder.

Zayn went and ordered for us all once we'd all decided and we all patiently waited for our food talking some more. Everybody was on such a mental high, buzzing from their earlier news. They'd known each other properly for a little over an hour and acted like they'd known each other months! I was so happy for Lou.

Our food arrived shortly and we all tucked in, enjoying our meal. Talking as we ate.

"Where are all you guys from?" I asked curious about the variation of accents.

"We'll I'm from Ireland." Niall said.

"No shit." Zayn joked, as we all laughed.

"Ok, ok, I'm from a town called Mullingar, it's in Southern Ireland." Niall informed us.

"Cool," Harry started, "I'm from a town called Chapel St. Leonard's, it's in Cheshire."

"I'm from Wolverhampton." Liam told us.

"I'm from Bradford." Zayn said, his accent clicking in my head. "What about you guys?" He asked me and Lou.

"We're from Doncaster." Louis replied to Zayn. 

"We're all kind of spread out then." Harry stated.

"Yeah I guess so." Louis agreed.

"But you guys will have to just work around that. I won't, and know none of you will let distance stop you from fulfilling your dreams." I said, smiling at Lou across the table.

We continued to eat our meal. I could tell Liam was suffering from choosing hot.

"You alright there?" I whispered to Liam.

"Yeah great!" He whispered back sarcastically. I giggled and diverted my attention back to my food.

We all finished our meals and I leaned back on the sofa, full. 

"Hi guys, how was your meal?" The waitress returned beginning to stack our empty plates on her arms.

"It was great thanks." Zayn replied.

"Good, can I get you some dessert menus?" She asked.

"Of course!" Louis responded. 

She reappeared shortly with the menus and grabbed the last two plates.

"Thanks." Zayn said as she picked up his plate. 

"No problem." She said and walked over to the kitchen door.

I was glancing over the menu, I was too full to eat dessert, but felt like I should have something to finish off.

"Do you wanna share something?" Liam leaned in closer and asked.

"Yes! I can't handle a whole dessert!" I replied, glad I didn't have to order a big pudding.

"Same, shall we just get the frozen yogurt? It's unlimited so we might as well." He suggested.

"Yeah that's a great idea!" I said.

"I know." He responded, winking at me. 

I laughed and turned away to the rest of the guys. "I'll go get everyone's dessert. What're you all having?" 

They listed all of their choices and I stood up as Liam and Louis let me out of our booth.

It was only a short while for the others desserts to arrive, so Liam went up the the frozen yogurt machine to get ours. He came back with our tub piled high with the yogurt, 2 spoons in his hand.

"Mmm, what flavour is it?" I asked as Liam slid his way back next to me.

"I don't actually have a clue." Liam replied, laughing a little.

"Oh god, haha, this could be interesting." I laughed too and we took our first spoonful together.

"You know," Liam started, face serious, "I still have no idea what it is." 

I bust out laughing, and Liam couldn't keep his straight face for long and started laughing along with me. The others gave us a few confused looks, but soon started laughing at us rather than with us. 

We soon controlled ourselves and took a few deep breath. 

"Wow!" I said to Harry. "That looks amazing!"

"It is amazing!" He told me. "Wanna try some?"

"Sure!" I accepted his offer and dug my spoon into his slice of cheesecake. 

"Good huh?" He said, knowing my answer already.

"Oh my gosh! That's so good!" I concluded.

"I know." Harry replied smiling.

"So when do you find out who your mentor is going to be?" I asked the whole group.

"Erm, tomorrow." Louis told me.

"Tomorrow!?" I repeated shocked.

"Yeah, you ok with spending another night in London, you can stay in our hotel now!" Louis said.

"Yeah sure! I mean wow! That's soon!" 

"There is room in our room, so that's fine, there is 5 of us, in a 6 person room. You can share one of the double beds with me if you want." He explained.

"Ok, sure! Gosh I'm so excited for you all!" 

"So you know we are a group now, we are gonna need a name." Niall realised.

"Oh yeah." Zayn spoke.

"Any ideas anyone?" Niall questioned.

"Nope." They all said in sync. 

"Hey!" I spoke up. "It's ok, you've got plenty of time to think about it! Doesn't rush it cause you'll only end up with something stupid."

"Good point. Lets not stress about it for now! Lets celebrate! Shall we go back to the hotel bar?" Harry suggested.

"Haz, mate, you're 16." Zayn reminded him.

We all burst out laughing. Harry included.

"Come on, there's not a lot else to do. Even if we can't celebrate properly." Lou sad standing up. 

We all stood up as well and made our way to the doors. Me and Lou dropped back slightly from the others.

"Just so you know, you will always be my best friend, and nothing is gonna change between us, ever, even if we do end up world famous." He said elbowing me gently. 

"Love you Lou." I told him looking up to meet his gaze.

"And I love you too Em. Come on let's catch up with the others." And with that he grabbed my hand, and started running after the others pulling me along after him.

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