Louis' Best Friend

Me and Louis Tomlinson were the best of friends. I was so happy for him when he told me about auditioning for the X factor. But once One Direction were formed, we started growing apart, we didn't see eachother as much, and didn't speak as much. He was too busy with his whole new life.


1. Chapter 1

I usually like weekends, I normally do loads of fun stuff with my friends, but this weekend, they all happened to be busy. I sprawled out across my bed, my dirty blonde curly hair spread across the pillow, thinking of something to do, someone to call. But nothing sprung to mind. I reached into my bedside table and grabbed the book I had been reading. I opened it on the bookmarked page and continued reading from where I had previously got to. 

I'd read about 3 pages when my phone started vibrating next to me. It startled me as I wasn't expecting anyone to phone. I picked it up and noticed Louis was trying to FaceTime me. Louis has been my best-friend since we met in nursery. We spend so much time together it's in real. He is like a brother to me, he looks out for me, and is a great laugh to be around. The fact he is a guy doesn't make a difference in out friendship, we still stay over each others houses, and there has never been that awkward liking each other between us, ever! I'm just so lucky to have Lou, he's the best friend I could ever wish for! I sat up excited to hear from him as he was meant to be at a family party today. 

"Lou!" I screamed when call connected.

"Hey Emily!" He replied, laughing at how excited I was to hear from him.

"Aren't you meant to be at the party? What are you still doing home?" I asked noticing he was sat in his room.

"It was cancelled, some relative that I have never heard of got ill so people have gone to the hospital to see her, mum, dad and I just came home." He told me.

"Does that mean you're free to do something? I am so bored! Everybody else is busy!" 

"Sure does!" He replied with a huge smile on his face.

"I'll be over in five!" I told him and ending the FaceTime call.

I pulled on my black and white converse that I had kicked off earlier near my radiator and ran down the stairs and out the front door. It was mid July, the weather was nice and warm so I didn't need a coat or jacket. I just wore some blue denim shorts, and a baggy tee. 

Me and Lou live in Doncaster. About five minutes apart from each other. He literally lives round the corner pretty much. It's great living so close to him, we catch the bus to school together, go and see eachother whenever we are bored and do so much stuff together. I turned the corner of his road and saw him leaned against his front wall. He was wearing his black and white converse too, his were lite versions though, and navy shorts and white striped top. I ran towards him and jumped on him. He was facing in the opposite direction so he couldn't actually see me coming towards him, giving me the perfect opportunity to scare him. 

"Shit Em!" He said turning round to face me.

I just laughed, the picture of his face when I scared him stuck in my head.

"Shut up!" He said lightly pushing me. "Come on, what do you wanna do today?" He asked.

"Hmm, I dunno." I replied, trying desperately to think of something to keep us occupied.

"Let's just go for a walk and try and decided on something." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulders leading my down his road.
I wrapped my arm around his waist and with my other hand held his larger hand that was around my shoulder. We talked as we wandered around Doncaster. We talk about everything together, like weird scenarios, life, gossip, everything. There is never an awkward moment between us. We just act so stupid together, never getting embarrassed. 

We soon came up the park and decided to go and sit by the river underneath a huge tree. We leaned against the trunk, legs stretched out in front of us. Lou's legs were much longer than mine, and his feet were huge compared to my tiny ones. We were sat in silence for a minute watching the children on the other side of the river feeding the ducks.

There was a women stood down by the lake, she must have been in her early thirties. She was with a young boy, her son, who looked 2 or 3. They both tore up pieces of bread throwing them into the water. The little boy giggled every time the ducks, swans and geese raced towards the bread. It made me smile, how adorable he was. I could see Lou out the corner of my eye staring at me with a smile on his face, almost laughing out my attention I was paying towards the small family.

 I pushed back on Louis' shoulders, forcing him to lie on his back. I jumped up and straddled Lou pinning his arms down with my knees. Although it sounds like something two people would do in a relationship, this is not how it felt, it was just like I was just play fighting with my brother! I sat there laughing whilst he struggled to escape from my hold. He was wriggling around underneath, and I burst out laughing losing concentration for a split second. He took advantage of this by pushing me off of him and rolling me over so I was now in the position he was in only seconds a go. 

"You will never defeat me Miss Cox." He said feeling proud.

I sighed and gave up trying to get him to release me. I looked up at face that was glaring down at me. There was never a moment that I couldn't stop smiling in Lou's presence. We just had such a good time together. And I loved how our friendship had absolutely no complications whatsoever. 

We both sat up again, brushing the dirt off of us. Lou laid down, head propped up by the tree. I laid down next to him, head on his chest, arm across his torso. I suppose Lou was like a boyfriend, just without the whole sexual side of things. He placed his arm around my back, resting his hand on my waist.

"We have a weird friendship Lou." In informed him, giggling a little.

He tightened his grip around me for a second before loosening it again. "But an amazing one at that. I wouldn't change you for the world." He said ruffling his face in my hair.

I didn't say anything in return, just smiled to myself thinking about how grateful I was to have him. He was definitely something special. 

We laid there for what seemed like hours talking about the most random things, creating weird scenarios between us about the people we could see across the field and by the river. It was getting colder now, families and people starting to leave. But me and Lou sat there still. Breathing in the cold evening breeze. 

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