The Writer Girl

Do I have some gossip for you!
I guess you could call me an English Gossip Girl, with a taste for something much more delightful.
One Direction, and maybe a few Populastics at one certain Girl Boarding School.
Maybe you don't give a hoot at what I'm going on about, but when you meet five fabulous boys, and 5 Gossip-full girls, you REALLY wanna see the fireworks explode...


10. Plan, Part 1, Plan B.

Missy, Jude and Maria all looked up at Lydia accusingly. She didn't show any sign of guilt, but she did smirk in such a horrid way, Jude was held back by Maria. Lydia deserved such a slap, it was unbelievable.

"Well, I'm sorry, 'girls', but where else would she get information like that? Look, I know WriterGirl personally, okay? She'll stop when she wants to. But, don't you think you already pushed yourselves in it further? I mean, that fake photo was a bit...cringy. It's your own faults. Maybe if you hadn't insisted being...Populastic's, you wouldn't have got yourselves in so much...shit."

Jude, once again, had to be held back. But Maria couldn't hold two people back, because otherwise Missy wouldn't have left her spot, and she certainly wouldn't have slapped Lydia right across the face.

Lydia grabbed Missy's hand, and tugged her forward until Missy could feel Lydia's hot breath on her face.

"That was not necessary. If anything, I should slap YOU across the face for being such a bitch. You've treated me like shit since I arrived here last term, especially that time in the dining hall, when you told me to meet you there, only to find that you and your whole group of fucking Populastic's were ready to aim tomato's at me!"

Missy looked down, and pulled back from Lydia's strong grip. It was true, Missy, Jude, Maria, Carrie, Dawn and Michelle had all taken part in such an event, they were all excluded for a couple of days. It had ruined Lydia's new top, and her brown hair had to be dyed red for a while.

"Exactly. Your all bitches! You think everybody loves you, but they don't! It's a wonder WriterGirl's always slagging you off!"

Lydia leapt off the bed, and raced into the bathroom, where she slammed the door shut and locked it. Missy looked up to Maria and Jude, who looked as equally guilty.

"We seriously need to find out who WriterGirl is, Jude. If we don't, she could ruin OUR lives."


<Sorry Once Again For The Short Chapter>

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