The Writer Girl

Do I have some gossip for you!
I guess you could call me an English Gossip Girl, with a taste for something much more delightful.
One Direction, and maybe a few Populastics at one certain Girl Boarding School.
Maybe you don't give a hoot at what I'm going on about, but when you meet five fabulous boys, and 5 Gossip-full girls, you REALLY wanna see the fireworks explode...


12. Masquerade Ball

With the Masquerade Ball looming, Missy, Jude and Maria finally had the chance to head into town to buy dresses, shoes and accessories.

"WriterGirl's going to ruin everything, Missy. But, at least One Direction will be there, right?"

"Jude, that's not the point. WriterGirl will be in a mask, and if every girl in this school is going..."

Missy didn't need to continue for Jude to realise where she was heading. If every girl in the school was going, it meant they couldn't possibly single out WriterGirl. There was almost over a thousand students!

"Matthew will have a suggestion, won't he, Missy? Hey, you could invite him along. He could be a big help."

Missy turned to Maria.

"That's a good idea! I might just do that!"

They stopped in front of Passion, and Missy glanced side to side. This night was going to be perfect! Hopefully...


Missy wore an outfit similar to Jasmine's from Aladdin, but her hair was blonde and plaited all the way down to her waist.

Jude wore a ball gown with her brown hair tied back like a princesses.

Maria wore a peacock skirt, light peacock boob tube and her hair was bobbed.

"I love my mask!" Missy exclaimed, treasuring the gold eye mask with blue and yellow feathers. She ran her fingers around it, and smoothed the feathers out.

Jude's mask was purple with a small piece of netted cloth that covered her nose and mouth. You couldn't tell it was her at all!

Maria's mask was elegant ; it matched her outfit perfectly with it's peacock like feathers.

"It's a shame Lydia's going" Jude whispered, glancing over her shoulder at Lydia. She wore a plain gown and her hair was straightened. She had a boring blue mask.

"Why? Isn't she allowed to have fun?"

"No, it's not that, it's just, she can tell WriterGirl what we look like. That's hardly fair."

Maria agreed.

"But at least we'll look good for One Direction though, right?"

"Absolutely stunning" Jude spoke in a posh accent, and they all giggled. 

When they'd all prepared, they nervously made their way downstairs and down the corridors and into the big hall. It had been decorated with lights and mysterious decorations. It looked spooky, sort of like the scene in the movie Labyrinth, where the girl was the only one without a mask. She felt exposed, and creeped out because the room was full of scary decorations and mirrors.

In the corner of the room, crowded by girls, stood One Direction. Once they'd spotted Missy, Jude and Maria they made their way over.

"Missy, I can't believe our 'evening' was all over TheWriterGirl's blog! How could you let this happen?" asked Niall, his expression meaningful.

"Niall, you have to trust me. WriterGirl's here. She told us so in one of her online flashes. She IS HERE."

They all stopped and turned to face everybody in the hall. Matthew met Missy's gaze, and made his way over.

"What's up?"

"WriterGirl is possibly in this room, Matthew! How are we going to single her out?"

"You told me she hangs out with Lydia, right? Well, look for Lydia."

Missy couldn't believe she hadn't thought of that!

"Damn, Matthew I could fucking kiss you right know!"

All at once, the girls scoped the hall, weaving in and out of everybody in the room.

"Where do we go?"

"Look, us girls know what Lydia looks like. Niall, we should go check out the girls bathroom"

"Missy, that's your job..."

"You can distract everybody waiting for a piss, ok?"


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