The Writer Girl

Do I have some gossip for you!
I guess you could call me an English Gossip Girl, with a taste for something much more delightful.
One Direction, and maybe a few Populastics at one certain Girl Boarding School.
Maybe you don't give a hoot at what I'm going on about, but when you meet five fabulous boys, and 5 Gossip-full girls, you REALLY wanna see the fireworks explode...


9. Desperate, Much?

How desperate can you girls be?

You don't think I wouldn't notice that you girls posed for the photo instead?

Missy, darling, I have your number saved into my phone. Don't you think I would have noticed, which, BTW, I did?

Jude, honey, we already know your pregnant, why rub it in even more?


Anyway, if your looking for an insider, why don't you point all fingers to Lydia Small? You girls are so blind. Can't you see where I'm getting all my information from? Why don't we all take a minute, and thank Lydia for all her help, and of course, juicy gossip.

Oh, wait, I wasn't supposed to say that. Sorry, Lydia, but now all of England, and the world, knows it was you that back-stabbed the girls. Congratulations, I give you a gold medal!

So, girls, ready to give up? I'm already 3 steps ahead.


Yours truly,

TheWriterGirl <3


P.S. One Direction are on their way, girls. Hold on tight, this could get bumpy.

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