The Writer Girl

Do I have some gossip for you!
I guess you could call me an English Gossip Girl, with a taste for something much more delightful.
One Direction, and maybe a few Populastics at one certain Girl Boarding School.
Maybe you don't give a hoot at what I'm going on about, but when you meet five fabulous boys, and 5 Gossip-full girls, you REALLY wanna see the fireworks explode...


2. Back To School.

"I'm not joking, that WriterGirl is getting on my nerves. Where the hell does she get all her information from? Doesn't she understand we want a private life, in a private school?"

Missy understood where Jude was coming from. It was like WriterGirl didn't care what she wrote, as long as she ruined somebody's social life in the process. Missy now fully understood how the characters in 'Gossip Girl' felt. WriterGirl was just like that, but she wasn't (Missy hoped) American.

"I'm as clueless as you, Jude. We can't let her continue, though. I mean, think about One Direction. They're getting dragged into it now. Remember what happened last term? That could happen to them! Who does WriterGirl think she is? What do you think, Maria?"

Maria had been a little jittery all morning. She didn't dare open up, not yet. Even though they were approaching the school gates.

"Maria? You all right?"

Maria smiled, and nodded. Maybe it'd be better to act calm and fine for a while. Until, of course, the rumors started.

Missy shook off the bad feeling that'd pulled her down all morning, and stalked through the school gates, only to be met by every single girls stare. Missy stopped, and turned to Jude, who looked as baffeled as Missy. Maria's shoulders were hunched, and suddenly, Missy knew exactly what was going on.

"Maria, why didn't you say anything?" Missy hissed, glaring coldly at Maria. Maria cowered down, and turned to Jude, who narrowed her eyes.

"What's she said now?" Jude called out to the girls. Her voice echoed around the courtyard, until, one feeble year 7 spoke up.

"The things you did in your holidays. Surely you got texted?"

Jude dug through her bag and presented her phone. Not a message received. Missy did the same, no message flashing on the screen.

"How did you know it about it, then, Maria?"

The whole courtyard began to shuffle into the building as the shrill school bell rang, but Jude and Missy kept Maria back for a moment.

"I got texted. Writer gave me the decision of sending it to you, but I didn't want you guys to feel hurt, so I deleted it. I'm sorry, I just...I didn't...I'm sorry."

Maria let her hair drape down past her shoulders and eyes, and cat-walked into the school building with the rest of the school. Missy and Jude were left together, almost alone in the courtyard.

"That WriterGirl is pissing me off" Missy spoke fiercely. Jude nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, and she's going to get what's coming. A piss-take."

They both strutted into the building, their heels the only noise in the courtyard.

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