The Writer Girl

Do I have some gossip for you!
I guess you could call me an English Gossip Girl, with a taste for something much more delightful.
One Direction, and maybe a few Populastics at one certain Girl Boarding School.
Maybe you don't give a hoot at what I'm going on about, but when you meet five fabulous boys, and 5 Gossip-full girls, you REALLY wanna see the fireworks explode...


7. A Night Of Me?

Apparently, I'm the talk of the town? Or should I say dorm 32?

Yes, that's you. Missy, Lydia, Jude and Maria. But I bet you don't care about that? I bet you care about Jude and her new baby, right? Oh Jude, what will you do? Walk around school with a baby bump?

Opps, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?

Maybe that will teach you a lesson about talking about someone behind their back. If you have something to say to me, Jude, say it to my face, or I'll be hurt.

And then I'll blab about it to everybody, because I know everybody loves your gossip. Or they love my turn on the gossip. I'm loved. So much more then you, Jude Hemworth.


Maybe we should change the subject. Hi One Direction! I love you so much, and so do your dear fans. Maybe not so much when they see this picture...


I'll always be your Bitch...

TheWriterGirl <3

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