In love with my kidnappers (A One Direction fanfiction)

Cher is just a regular girl in her senior year.She is the most popular girl in school.Cher and her best friend,Alexis,have almost everything in common.Except,Alexis loves One Direction and Cher hates them.When Cher and Alexis go to the club,One Direction is there,but they don't know it.The boys over hear Cher talking crap about them and they deside that they wanna make her like them.Sp,they kidnap her.What happens when they end up falling in love?Read this story to find out!!


1. Clubbing Disaster!

       Cher's P.O.V.

  "UGH!Not them again!" I said as I heard What Makes You Beautiful play for the third time in the club."They're not that bad."Hannah said."Not that bad?!They are perfect!" Alexis yelled.Figures.Alexis loves One Direction.She never stops talking about them.It gets quite annoying but she's my best friend and I love her."They are not even close to perfect.I mean they are all ugly and they can't sing."I said."Well,you're blind and deaf,but I love you anyways!"She replied."I love you too,Alex!" That's my nickname for her."Well,I better get going."I said."Do you want a ride?" "No,i'm good.I'll walk.Bye guys!" I said.

*Minutes Later*

"AAAHHHH!What the hell are you doing?!"I scream as i'm walking down the street and somebody grabs me,throwing me in his  car."Just shut up!"The mystery guy says as he picks up a pan and hits me with it,knocking me out.


A/N:Sorry it's such a short chapter!! That's all that really needed to be covered in the first chapter! I love you guys! -Mackenzie <3

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