mr nobody

its about a boy who cant get friends


1. The only chapter

This is a story about a boy called nobody because he is nobody but this boy is not ordinary he is quiet, gentle and nice and he doesn't like pea's but he love his pet C.J what means Cousin Jack also he is the 7th child in his family and lucky for him he is the youngest in the family but he also gets beat up by a near by bullie who lives down the road where he lives and his name is Burt Sellwire, he is mean, disgusting and also brutal.

Mr Nobody has no friends except his pet dog C.J and C.J is always there for him except when he's at school because no dogs aloud unfortunely, because he could scare away the bullies even Burt Sellwire and not forgetting about the math teacher call Mrs Penflower who tell's me off by accident then try's to pribe you with curly wurlys, twixs, mars bars, malteasers and also expensive chocolate what taste's absolutley horrible so I call them Mrs Penflowers disgusting choco's, but to top it all of is my Headteacher Mrs Ville who got caught for drink driving twice and still suitible to be Headteacher for some reason.

Mr Nobody came back to school after the easter holidays and seen his class room seating plan was changed and turned out to be he was moved to sit next to Burt Sellwire and a girl called Jennie Tide, while Burt picked his nose Jennie was doing her work and Mr Nobody was also doing his work but then the register came around on a piece of paper and the names where called out.

Bethany bothling, Paige Bitter, Jessica beard, James Camel, Fenn Mason, David Giggle, Robert Stench, Burt Sellwire, Samuel Pritchard, Jennie Tide and Alfie Pubhed.

One of them is Mr Nobody but that's to find out later.

Burt Sellwire was annoying Jennie and Mr Nobody and that lead to trouble soon because Mrs Penflower was coming over and not to shout at Burt

Mrs Penflower shouted at not Mr Nobody but Jennie for no reason why and sent her to anouther classroom on a 'YELLOW SLIP'.

But Mr Nobody got up and said "NO"!

The class was terrofied of what just happened, they where surprised as he got on the and said....

"Mrs Penflower it was burt who was being annoying, not Jennie, guys are you terrofried of Burt because if you are then don't be, Girls are you scared to get up in the morning to be bullied by Burt, well don't be, if I can stand up to myself because of Burt Sellwire then you can as well becausee my name is Samuel Pritchard and we can do it"

All the student's got up and said the nasty thing's that Burt did to them and Burt Sellwire he got sent to another school.

3 days later and Mr Nobody did not longer agsist but Samuel Pritchard was new and got thousands of friends and Jennie was Samuel's best friend and Mrs Penflower was sacked after been caught pribing Fenn and Jess chocolate.

But could life be better? NO!

Yes this story is about me but some bits are not true. 

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