Daylight +16

This is my very first fanfic! I'm kind of scared lol. Sorry if its not good:( i'll try and make ones that are better:) this is pretty much about 2 friends going to a One Direction concert and they think they're just going to the concert and going home but what they don't know is that things are going to take an unexpected turn when they meet Niall and Harry from One Direction!!!!


2. Shopping & Terror

Analese's POV

Okay so today is the day! Nochole & I are going to see One Direction in concert!!  I got up around nineish, weashed my face, put yoga pants and a t-shirt on, pulled my hair up in a messy bun, and sliped on my Toms.Then while I was putting on my Toms I knocked my computer of my bed, BANG! I look over my shoulder and see that Nichole is still fast asleep."What the hell!?!?" I wisper looking at Nichole in disbelief. I didn't bother putting on any makeup because i'm putting some on tonight. I was done around 9:15 a.m. I then take my pillow and chuck it at Nichole's head,"What the fuck Ana!!" she says with this pissed off look on her face."Oh, you're awake!" I say with a cheeky smile on my face."Get up and get dressed! We're going shopping and I also need to go to a few other places too befor the concert." I say "Noooo! Wake me up in 2 hours!" She says."Get your ass up Nicky!" I say in a motherly tone "NO!" She shouts."The're might be sexy guys." I say trying to convince her."...Fine..but i'm not putting on makeup" she says "That's fine..I didn't" I say. She puts on yoga capris and a razorback shirt along with sneakers, and she pulled her hair up in a ponytail. Then we left to go get some breakefast.


Nicholes POV

So we go off campus and get in my car to drive to get some breakfast. After breakfast it's about 11:00 so we deside to go shopping at some of mine & Ana's favorite place to shop at. We don't want to be to fancy or to comfy. So we're going with a fancy meets comfy look. We first stop at Ambercrombie & Fitch to look for somthing fancy(I know what you're thinking,"that place is to exspencive" well they're having a sale and Ana & I both work their so we get a discount). Ana & I both find tons of clothes to try on. We get a dressing room and start modeling for each other. Finally we both find something. I found this really sexy gray blouse that zipped up, white skiny jeans, and some gray heels with a bow on the side to go with. Ana only found a long, tan blouse that covered her butt and a pair of really cute flats with a bow on them. By the time we got out of A&F it was about 12:30 so we grabbed some lunch and by the time we were done it was 1:30p.m. Then we headed off to Wetseal.


Analese's POV

We got to Wetseal And my eyes immediately darted towards the yoga pant leggings. I quickly went over to were they were, found my size, got a dressing room, and tried them on(with my shirt & shoes). Mean while Nicky was looking at the jewelry. I came out of the dressing room and looked at myself in the big mirror across from my dressing room. I looked pretty hot if I do say so myself. I then heard someone whistling at me. I turned around hoping it was Nicky. I turned around and terror took over my face. I was so scared my face was as white as a ghosts. There he was standing right in front of me.


This is what Nichole wore:





This is what Analese wore:










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