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This is my very first fanfic! I'm kind of scared lol. Sorry if its not good:( i'll try and make ones that are better:) this is pretty much about 2 friends going to a One Direction concert and they think they're just going to the concert and going home but what they don't know is that things are going to take an unexpected turn when they meet Niall and Harry from One Direction!!!!


3. My Ex

Ana's POV

This was the day I dreded. The day that I did NOT want to come. The day my ex boyfriend Sam came back for me. You know, he tried to kill me once, left a nasty scar on my right hip. I regret every moment I spent with him. He's such asshole. All the shit he put me through when we were together. GOD I hate him so much. Why can't he just leave me alone. Finaly I say, "YOU SON OF A BITCH MOTHER FUCKING SCREWED UP ASSHOLE!!!!!" luckily no one else was in the store to hear that(besides me, sam, & nicky).

"Woh there, Princess yo-"

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME PRINCESS" I snap back cutting him off mid sentence.

"Oo FEISTY, me likely! I just came back to get what I deserve."


"I do & you know it!"He yells right in my face. He then pushed me up against the wall and held my leg up so it was now resting by his hip. I tried to get away but his grip was to strong. I then tried to scream for help but he covered my mouth. He was then humping me, fully clothed, up against the wall, in a public shopping area. This is why I left him, he always wanted to get in my pants(keep in mind i'm still a virgin). I thought he was out of my life for good. My past with him is kind of disturbing and the only person who knows is nicky. Not even my parents know.



Well it all started like any other relationship i've been in(which is not many). It was right after mid turms and I had just finished my last test. I was walking to my car when sudenly this huge force push me backwards and I felt myself fall to the ground and drop my books. I then looked up to see this incredably cute guy standing in front of me trying to help me up.

"OH MY GOD...Are you okay!?!?! I'm so sorry." He said with a worried look on his face.

"It's okay, I'm purfectly fine..See." I say standing up and giving him a slight smile.

"You have a really pretty smile." He says looking down probably thinking he shouldn't have said that.

I chuckle a little and say, "Thank you! You're not to bad yourself." With a cheeky expretion on my face.

"Listen, I know we just met and I kind of just tackled you but would you like to get a coffee or something?" He says with a hopeful expretion on his face.

I pause for a moment to think about it for a minute even though I had apsolutly nothing else pland for the day. I then say, "Well i'm REALLY busy today..."

I then look at him to see that he has such a sad and disapointed look on his face. "Oh we-"

"But I think I can make time to get some coffee."

"Okay cool...So do you want to go now or..?"

"Now's good...Oh by the way my name's Analese but everyone calls me Ana." I say while smiling.

"That's a really pretty name...My name's Samule but everyone calls me Sam or Sammy." He says while blushing.

"Thanks Sam...That's a nice name." I say

"Thanks Ana."

We then get in his car and drive to the coffee shop down the street. On our way there we got to learn alot about each other. I learned that his mom died of cancer when he was 10, then after his mom died his father would beat him everyday. I felt really bad for him.

"I'm sorry." Is all I can say

"It's okay. It's done. It's over with and I know that I don't EVER want to see my father again." He says with pain and anger in his voice.

When we get to the coffee shop we order, sit down, and I tell him a little about myself. We talked for hours. I couldn't believe how much we had in common. I was already falling in love with him.

"It's getting kind of late..I should probubly get back to my dorm or else my room mate is going to send out a surch party for me." I say with an apoligenic smile on my face.

"Haha yah I should get going to. I'll drop you off on campus. I had a really good time with you this afternoon, Ana. I hope we can do it again soon." Sam says.

"Me too. I'd like that." I say.

And with that we exchange numbers and he drops me off on campus and we go our sepret ways.

*Skip ahead 1 year*

So Sam and I have been dating for a year now...Well it will be a year tomorrow and he says that he's going to do something really special for our 1 year anniversary. He wont tell me what it is thought. Anyways, for the past couple of months Sam hasn't been himself and i'm getting worried and scared. He's been getting really drunk, coming over to my dorm, and forcing me to have sex with him(it never worked though). I just didn't know why he would be acting like this all of a sudden.

*Day of anniversary*

So it's the day of our one year anniversary and Sam still hasn't told me what he's planed for us tonight. It's about 9:00p.m. and we had just gotten done eatting dinner.

"So were to now, Sammy!" I say with a smile on my face.

"It's a suprise my little lovebug!" He says in a little baby voice.

"UGGGGG! Why can't you gust tell me?"

"Because I don't want to spoil the suprise, Babe!"

"Fine, But could you just tell me how long of a drive it is?" I say. We had been driving for what seems like hours.

"Not to much longer, Sweetheart!"

"Okay,Sammy." I say.

*Skip rest of car ride*

"We're here!!!!" Sam said as we pull up to this old looking cottage.

"Yayyy!" I say practicaly sprinting to the cottage.It was about 10:00 when we got there. I open the door and look inside and see beautiful antquies everywere.

"You like." I hear Sam say.

"Are you kidding?...Yesss!!!" I say jumping into his arms.

After we Got settled in our room I hear Sam yell up to me from down stairs>

"Hey, Babe?" He says.


"Get your swimsuit on."

"Okay." I say while getting my bikini on.

I come downstairs and Sam looks at me like he has never seen me in my bikini before.

"You look amazing!"

"Thanks, Babe!"I say giving him a peck on the lips.

"Here. Come on. I've gotta show you something."


We go out side and there is a big hot tub in the back, on the side of the deck. Sam gets in and then I get in.

"It's so warm in here." I say.

"So you like it?"

"I love it!...Thank you, Babe."

"I knew you would and you're welcome, Sweetheart!"

"I love you, Sam."

"I love you too, Ana."

Then after that he kisses me and I kiss back harder. Then it slowly gets more intense as his toung slithers into my mouth. He then leads kisses down my neck and onto my chest. GOD he was such a good kisser. I feel him slowly pulling the string on my bikini that was around my neck. Plop! that's the sound of my bikini top hitting the water. Then Sam pulls me up onto his lap and as we are passionatly kissing I feel him start to remove my bikini bottoms. I put my hand on his and stop kissing him.

"No Sam. I can't. I'm sorry." I say as i'm putting on my top.

"Come on, Babe. Why not?"

"Because I'm not ready, Sam. I'm sorry."

"Come on, Babe. I woun't hurt you." He says as he comes closer to me.

"No, Sam!!" I say pushing him away.

"Well then FUCK YOU, Ana!!!" He says while getting out.

"WELL FUCK YOU TOO, SAM!!! I never want to see you again! We're done!" I say while tears stain my face.

"I'll be back. I will find you and get what I deserve." He says giving me the finger as he walks into the cottage.

I run after him into the cottage and up to our room and start pasking my stuff as fast as I can. When I finaly get my stuff packed, get dried, and get some dry clothes on. I bolt out the door with puffy red eyes, a tear stained face. and Sam's car keys. I started up the car and bolted out the drive way in just enough time to see Sam chasing after me. He finaly can't catch up any more and stops.

*Flashback over*


That was the last time I saw him untill today. I finaly got the chance to bit his hand. He then took his hand off my mouth and I screamed.


"HEELLLLPPPPPP!!!" I scremed as loud as I could.

"No one is going to help you, Princess!"

"Hey get off of her!" I hear some guy say.

Then he punches me accross the face and I slowly fade away. All I can remember before I blacked out was this guy charging at Sam, knocking him to the ground, and knocking him out.







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