Daylight +16

This is my very first fanfic! I'm kind of scared lol. Sorry if its not good:( i'll try and make ones that are better:) this is pretty much about 2 friends going to a One Direction concert and they think they're just going to the concert and going home but what they don't know is that things are going to take an unexpected turn when they meet Niall and Harry from One Direction!!!!


1. Meeting the girls

Analese's POV

Hi! So my name's Analese Scott (Ana-lees) and well let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am like the biggest 1D fan there is (besides my bestfriend Nichole) lol, I'm 19 and in my second year of collage(I graduated high school early), I'm 5'7"(tall and skinny lol), I have long brown wavy hair, I'm tan not like snookie orange haha like a nice light tan(I tan a lot since I live in Florida), i love to play sports,long legs,& bright blue eyes. I'm like this tomboy/girly girl. I can take a punch but I LOVE to shop & do other girly stuff but I'm not to heavy on the makeup (mascara, liner, and lipgloss). Nichole & I are pretty much the same with the whole tomboy/girly girl thing. So I guess that's all you need to know about me.

Nichole's POV

Heyyyyy! I'm Nichole Jonson, Analese's bestfriend but you already knew that haha. So here's a little bit about myself. As Analese said I'm the other crazy 1D fan and I'm like her, with the whole tomboy/girly girl thing and we do our makeup the same way too, I'm 19 too and we go to the same collage(2 years), I'm 5'6"(short & skinny), I have long blond hair that's stright, I have dark green eyes, I'm not as tan as Analese because I don't get out much(bookworm, guilty:D) but I do still have a nice tan & I do like going outside. So I guess I'm done here:). 

Analese's POV

Me again! So here are some things Nichole & I both have In common. We both live in Florida, same collage, do our makeup the same way, 1D fans, we live like right next to each other, both tomboy/girly girl, and we are SO close she is like my sister(I mean we used to spend the night at each others houses like EVERY night lol & now we share a dorm). So...Yah! That's about it.


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