Daylight +16

This is my very first fanfic! I'm kind of scared lol. Sorry if its not good:( i'll try and make ones that are better:) this is pretty much about 2 friends going to a One Direction concert and they think they're just going to the concert and going home but what they don't know is that things are going to take an unexpected turn when they meet Niall and Harry from One Direction!!!!


6. Hanging Out With The Guys

Ana's POV

Harry said that the doctors would discharge me from the hospital when I woke up. They said that nothing was really wrong with me just a few bumps and bruises here and there(that I have to keep ice on to take the swelling down blah blah blah) but not anything serious, so I could go at anytime, now that I am awake. I asked Harry if he could get the doctor for me and he lightly nodded signaling to me that he would. While Harry was gone I couldn't help but keep on looking at Niall and Nicky. They seemed to really be hitting it off and it made me happy. Niall seemed like a sweetheart. Oh who am I kidding! I have to meddle!

"I wonder what they're talking about?" I whisper as I quietly inch towards them.

"And then I said THAT IS HUUUUGE! Hahahahaha!" Nicky said.

"Hahahahahahahaha! You're really funny Nichole!" Niall said with that cute little Irish smile of his.

"Really? Thanks you're funny too and please call me Nicky."

"Yeah you are! I'm sure you've got a ton of people that tell you you're funny."

"No, really I don't. The only person that tells me I'm funny is Ana."

"Well those other people are really missing out because you are funny and you're vary pretty too." Niall says shyly.

"Thank you Niall that really means a lot and..I...I think...That you're very cute." She says as she quickly looks down at her feet shyly.

"Nicky?" Niall says very weakly.

"Yeah Niall?"

"Well..I know that we've only just met but..I...I really l-like you." He stutters a little.

"What?" Nicky says in disbelief.

"I said I like yo-"

"I heard you,silly..I just can't believe that you like me."She says cutting him off before he could finish.

"Why wouldn't I? I mean you're smart, funny, nice, caring, beautiful....." he says trailing off. "I could go on for days." He says weakly while looking down at the floor..."Do you not feel the same way?" He says kind of sadly.

"Nonononononono..I do... I do feel the same way about you...I really like you too Niall. I was just in shock for a moment." She says happily<<<(haha I'm not)

"Oh that's a relief. I don't know what I would do if you turned me down haha...anyway would you like to come with me, Harry, and the guys to eat after the show?" He says hopefully.

"I would love too, Niall." She says while hugging him.

He looked kind of shocked, at first, that she hugged him but then he wrapped his arms tightly around Nicky and got the absolute biggest, and brightest smile on his face.


Niall's POV

I asked Nicky if she wants to come with me and the guys to get something to eat after the show and she said yes! Then she hugs me. Wow! This is new. I've never felt like this while hugging ANYONE. I was in so much shock that I tensed up at first and wasn't hugging back which probably made her sad but then I relaxed and I tightened my arms around her. I was smiling like an idiot and I know Nicky could feel it. Then Ana just has to ruin the moment by spying on us.


Ana's POV

"Ahhhhhh!" I said a little louder that I expected..Oops!

"Ana! What the hell!?! How long have you been listening to us?" Nicky says annoyed

"Damnit I've been caught!"

"Yes you have." Niall says

"Did I really just say that out loud?"

"Yeah love, you did." Harry says finally coming back with my paperwork.

"I really need to work on not speaking my mind sometimes...It's about time Harry haha...And ever since 'THAT IS HUUUUGE', Nicky."

"You also need to work on meddling and not getting caught haha" Nicky says to me

"Shut up!" I say jokingly but still sticking my tongue out


Nicky's POV

I kind of toned everybody else out and focused on talking to Niall. I couldn't help but stare at him. He's just..So..Cute! I think he felt me starring because he turned to look at me and I just tried to play it off like I wasn't staring at him but it didn't work. I tried to turn my head away and act like I was scratching my head but..Umm...I kind of...hit myself in the face with my hand while I was turning my head..So umm yeah that was a pretty embarrassing moment for me but It seemed to be a perfect moment for Niall to laugh his ass off at me..His laugh ahhh..The things that boy does to me..I wanted so bad to be pissed off at him but I.Just.Couldn't.


"Stop! It's not funny Niall!" I say doing a very bad job of hiding my growing smile

"Oh if it's not funny then why are you smiling? Hmmm?"

"Shut up!" I say while laughing a little

"You know it was funny."

"No it wasn't!"

"You know it was! Say it one more time and see what happens." he says with an evil grin

"No. It. Was. NOT!" I say curious of what he might do

The next thing I know it I'm being tickled to death by Niall. Oh how much I wanted to be mad at him but he just makes it impossible.

"Niiiialllll stop it! I'm going to pee my pants!" I say so he would stop but he didn't

"Not until you say embarrassing yourself was funny."

"Fine..stop..fine fine...o..kayyy...OKAY NIALL!!" I say out of breath


"Well what?"

"I'm waiting..."

"Oh yeah!"

"Well..go ahead"

"Okay okay I'm embarrassing myself was....funny..there are you happy?" I say and my cheeks being as red as cherries!

"Very!" He says with a very cheeky smile


Ana's POV

"I'm sorry, love there was a bunch of sick fans that saw me and wanted a picture or an autograph. You know I could never turn down a fan especially a sick fan." He says with an apologetic smile.

"Aww that's so sweet and it's fine. I just want to get out of this hospital."

"Okay, here are your discharge papers. You just need to fill them out and take them to one of the nurses at the front desk." Harry says while handing me the papers and a pen

I fill the papers out, hand them to a nurse at the front desk, and then Nicky and I ride with the guys back to their hotel. We couldn't all fit in the car so Nicky had to sit on Niall's lap, me on Harry's lap, Liam between us, Louis was driving, and Zayn in the passenger seat. We get to the hotel and everybody goes in but Harry wanted to talk to me alone so we would just meet up with the others later.


Nicky's POV

Ana had finally filled the papers out, handed them to the nurse, and then we rode with the guys back to their hotel. We all couldn't fit in the car so I had to sit on Niall's lap and Ana on Harry's lap. Louis was driving though I don't know why(he is a horrible driver in America). We get to the hotel and we all go in except Harry and Ana, they went to like a park or something. So the boys and I just went up to Louis and Harry's room to chill. Niall has been holding my had ever since the hospital and our hands never broke apart. That made me smile like an idiot. I was deep in thought when I was brought out of my thoughts by Louis saying,

"OOHHHH Niall I think Nicky really..I mean REALLY likes you. Just look at her she's beet red and she's smiling like a little 5 year old girl that just walked into a candy shop!"

That made my face even more red than before.

"I hope so.. Because I REALLY like her and I happen to love when a girl blushes and I LOVE her smile, Louis!" Ok THAT just made my day!

"Awwww, Niall I really like you too!" I say as he puts his muscular arms around me. I wonder where Harry and Ana are?...


Harry's POV

"Would you like to take a walk with me?" I say to Ana when we get out of the car..My hand outstretched 

"I would love to, Harry!" She says with a smile while grabbing my hand

We walk for a couple blocks and then we come to a park but no one is there. It was..Nice! Ana walked straight to the swings and started swinging. I came up behind her and started to push her. She was laughing so hard that I just couldn't help but laugh to. God I love her laugh. After I pushed Ana for a little while longer I sat down in the swing next to her and we just talked about the most random things. I've never had this much fun with a girl before. Ana was so beautiful..No she wasn't beautiful she was gorgeous. She made me act differently when I was with her and to think just a few hours ago I was saving her from her jackass ex-boyfriend. I think...I think I my have fallen for her. I just want to hold her, kiss her ever so gently for fear that if I kiss her to hard she might break, lover her..Love her so much that there is no end to my love for her, And make her mine..No matter what I have to do. WOW! What. Just. Happened? Did I really just think of that. God the things she does to me. She has no idea the effect she has on me. I am completely and utterly in love with her..So much that it hurts.

"Ana?" I say quietly

"yeah Harry?"

"Well I know that we've only known each other for a few hours but I..I REALLY like you..I like you so much that it hurts and...And I was wondering if..If you would be my girlfriend?" I get out in one breath

"Harry I..I-"

"It's okay I get it..I should've never asked" I say with my head down

"Harry..." She says while lifting my head up so that I'm looking in her beautiful bright blue eyes

"yeah?" I say still looking at her eyes

"I would love to be your girlfriend" She says with a half smile

"Really! I thought that you didn't like me"

"You didn't let me finish silly!"

"Yay!" I say and then give Ana a very delicate, soft, and passionate kiss. We both smile into the kiss. It was..Sweet. After the kiss we decided to go back to the hotel so Nicky and the guys wouldn't worry. We held hands and were silent the whole way back but it wasn't a weird silence it was a nice kind of silent. 


Niall's POV

Nicky's just SO beautiful. I think I may have fallin' for her! God she's gorgeous! I couldn't keep my eyes off of her ever since I met her. I'm glad that we met. I sit on the couch with my arms wrapped around her shoulders and her legs draped over my lap. Liam's sitting next to us on the couch, Louis is taking up the whole loveseat, as always(if you don't know what it is it's a kind of small, 2 seater couch), and Zayn sitting in the chair.








We were just chillin' out and watching TV when the door opened and in comes Harry and Ana. Ha! They looked at each other like I look at food..With so much love and passion..Well I mean..I think..I think I Iook at Nicky like that now. Wow I didn't relies that until Liam said something.

"Woah, mates! Well would you look at that..Our 2 little boys are in looooove..Aww!" Liam says

"haha well they need to stop looking at the girls like they're food..Hey Harry stop drooling over Ana and Niall and Nicky need to get. off. of. each other haha!" Zayn said jokingly

"Umm excuse me but if you haven't seen..Niall and I are NOT and have NOT been on or 'all over each other' this whole time..We've been cuddling and watching the TV this whole time and you guys know it!" Nicky says matter-of-factly to Zayn

"I was just kidding Nicky!"

"I know I just needed a reason to..To..To be a smartass or something..I don't know haha but you are right about Harry and Ana"

Then Louis does something unexpected. He gets up and walkes towards Harry, grabs his face, turns Harry's face towards his own to get a better look at it, stared at him for a moment, and did the same with Niall. After he did that he said, "Well from my calculations I can say that they are DEFINENTLY in love!"  Then ran back to Harry and pushed Ana out of the way while yelling, "But the only person Harry can drool over is me because Harry loves me and I love Harry and I'm the king bee. Plus I'm the oldest and everybody has to do what I say because I'm the oldest and-"

Louis doesn't get a chance to finish because Ana side bumps him and says, "Take THAT 'king bee'!"

We all laugh uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes. We are laughing so hard that we're crying. For the rest of the time before the concert we just sit and talk or watch TV.

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