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This is my very first fanfic! I'm kind of scared lol. Sorry if its not good:( i'll try and make ones that are better:) this is pretty much about 2 friends going to a One Direction concert and they think they're just going to the concert and going home but what they don't know is that things are going to take an unexpected turn when they meet Niall and Harry from One Direction!!!!



Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the reads and stuff!!! I'm REALLY sorry that I haven't been updating my Fanfic:( I've just been REALLY busy with school stuff, homework, school plays, out of school activities, and other crap...Plus I have had just the worst case of WRITERS BLOCK! But I promise that I'll update as much as I possibly can:) OH! And before I forget I have some new ideas for new Fanfics and I'd like you guys to vote on which one I should write next(descriptions below)..I love you all and stay beautiful <3

•#1 is called'Summer Love' and it's a Liam Payne Fanfic:

"You never really know someone until you've spent a whole summer with them in a lake house." -Izabell Jones

Izabell & Liam have a past together. They went to school together ever since preschool & they've known each other ever since they were born. Their moms are really good friends & they were best friends. They spent so much time together that everyone thought they were dating. They were such great friends that they were attached at the hip. They went & did everything together. Until Liam did something that was so unforgivable. They didn't talk, see each other, or anything after that. Izabell found out that Liam's in One Direction now & she HATES them. Now Jane(Izabell's mom) & Karen(Liam's mom) secretly made planes for Izabell, Liam, and the rest of the boys along with Elanor & Perry to go down to the lake house that Izabell & Liam used to go to & spend a whole summer there. What will happen when they're there? Will Izabell forgive Liam for what he did? Will she stay? Will Izabell get feelings for Harry or Niall? Will Izabell & Liam become best friends again? Or will they become more than friends?

•#2 is called 'The Other Side' and it's a Marcel Styles/Harry Styles Fanfic:

It's senior year. Isn't that supose to be the most unforgetable year of high school? Well not for Marcel Styles. Marcel is the school nerd. Everyone picks on him. He's uncool & he doesn't have many friends. So what happends when he makes up an alter ego for himself named Harry Styles. Will he fit in with the popular kids Niall, Liam, Louis, & Zayn? Will the one girl(Riley) he truly loves finally accept him? Will everybody find out Marcel's secret?

•okay, lovelies:) #3 is called 'Just Friends' and it's a dark Niall Horan Fanfic:

Niall's your normal, average, everyday guy or so you think. I mean he's got friends and you know the girls love him but he doesn't seem to like all girls same way and not every girl understands Niall. Niall has a dark side that he just can't seem to control around people but one day he runs into his best friend,Grace, from high school and EVERYTHING changes as they reconnect and become more than friends.

So comment #1, #2, or #3 for which one you want me to write next;)

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